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1PW Know Your Enemy 2008 - резултати


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AJ Styles, Rene Dupree, The Iron Sheik, The Sandman, Roderick Strong, SJK...

Федерация: 1PW

Шоу: Know Your Enemy 2008

Дата: 19-ти април 2008

Зала: the Doncaster Dome

Посещаемост: около 1000

Jason Genesis beat Blaze Bentley with a second rope piledriver in the pre-show warmup. Some mean looking dude with a beard beat him up after.

Martin Kirby and Kris Travis beat Britrage with a T Gimmick on Sloan in a terrific opener.

After an incredibly overlong Sterling James Keelan promo (during which somehow the crowd started chanting "fuck the queen"), Martin Stone came out and London Bridge'd G-Man.

Darkside pinned Bingo Ballance with a Kudo Driver in the 4-way also featuring Gary Player and Lionheart. Would have been a cracking 5-10 min match, but dragged too long. Keith Myatt attacks Gary Player... some guy that looks like J P Monroe, Noir, Juggernaught and Donny Bull all run in too, setting up a match on an academy show.

Davey Richards has injured his back in a car smash. Roderick Strong now teams with Kid Fite and Liam Thompson in a 3-on-2... which his team wins with a Strong gutbuster followed by a Thompson lungblower. Good match, but never reached top gear.

Steve Corino has been announced for the August College of Death show.

Darren Burridge beat old babyface AJ Styles in a magnificent match to end the first half and retain the openweight belt after a series of reversals.

The Damned Nation team is Dragon Aisu, Majik, Jon Cameron (Kraze) and Joey Hayes. They are facing the 1PW team of El Ligero, Bubblegum, Iceman and Sandman.

Iceman just knocked Gabe Grey off the balcony...

Cameron pinned Sandman after a crap STO to end a wild and crazy brawl, to earn Damned Nation full control of a future 1PW event. Was a brilliant match for the most part, that was everything it needed to be. Again, however, it went about 10 mins too long and just started to grow tedious. Also, parents are starting to take kids out in tears since the show is going looong, 10.55 and still 2 matches and the Shiek segment to come...

Mad Man Manson's interview with The Iron Shiek was interrupted by Prince Ameen, who introduced Rene Dupree. Sheik kept shouting "gimme a hell yeah!" and now corners Mad Man Manson. Manson (w/Sheik) beat Dupree (w/Ameen) by submission (on the floor, for some reason) after Sheik hit Rene with his cane and a chair. Short and basic, but good fun.

Sterling James Keelan made his entrance for the main event in a car driven into the Dome..

SJK pinned Martin Stone with the Jig 'n' Tonic to retain the title. Keenan and G-Man beat down Stone after until Burridge made the save. Match was actually really good, but the crowd had long since given up, not able to get into the deliberate, methodical pace at this time of night. Show ends less than 10 minutes short of midnight.

1 - Project Ego (Kris Travis & Martin Kirby) defeated BritRage ("The Specialist" Mark Sloan & Wade Fitzgerald)

2 - 4-Way match: Darkside defeated Bingo Ballance and Gary Player and Lionheart to become the number one contender to the 1PW Open Weight title

3 - 3 vs 2 Handicap match: Roderick Strong (ROH) & Kid Fite & Liam Thompson defeated Zebra Kid & Sam Slam

4 - 1PW Open Weight championship: "The Pukka One" Darren Burridge © pinned AJ Styles (TNA)

5 - Damned To Hell match: The Damned Nation (Dragon Aisu, Majik, Cameron Kraze & Joey Hayes) defeated Team 1PW (Bubblegum, El Ligero, The Sandman & Iceman)

6 - Mad Man Manson w/ The Iron Sheik beat Rene Dupree w/ Prince Ameen via submission

7 - 1PW World Heavyweight championship: Sterling James Keenan © pinned Martin Stone

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