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Lucha Libre London


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В случай, че още не сте се усетили продължавам и ще продължавам да пускам новини от европейската кеч сцена. :) В момента в Европа има доста интересни шоута и е жалко, че много малко хора в този форум изобщо чуват за кеча в Европа. Това ще се промени. Пускам и ще пускам всичко по-интересно, като разбира се ще наблягам основно на шоутата с повечко познати за вас имена. От този момент нататък обаче, спирам да отговарям на въпроси от типа "това шоу къде мога да го гледам?". Би трябвало досега вече да сте схванали идеята... :)

This July all roads lead to London’s Roundhouse for what promises to be the ultimate in Summer Spectaculars, Lucha Libre London, showcasing 16 of the biggest names from the world of Mexican Lucha Libre. Each evening crams in four bouts of differing styles: pairs, triples and one-on-one bouts in front of capacity foot-stamping, air-punching crowds.

Superstars present will include El Hijo Del Santo, aka El Enmascarado de Plata (The Man in the Silver Mask) who has been at the top of the Lucha Libre tree for more than 20 years. In terms of international popularity and success he is the most important wrestler in Mexico. Also featured will be his perennial rival, Blue Demon Jr. (signature moves include the ‘Stunner/Ace Crusher’ and ‘Scorpion Deathlock’). Both are second generation wrestlers (although Blue Demon Jr. allegedly only adopted the name which adds extra spice to their battles).

All aspects of the authentic Mexican Lucha Libre experience will be on display: waving the flag for the exoticos (cross-dressing luchadores) we have el numero uno exotico, Cassandro, whose signature move is the ‘Liplock’ which involves giving his opponent a big kiss on the lips; minis aka micro-wrestlers or miniestrellas (small stars) are represented by Mascarita Sagrada (signature moves include ‘Spinning Headscissors’) and Octagoncito, the current Mexican National Minis Champion, (signature move: ‘Tope Suicida’) amongst others; as well as Ramses – Jack Black’s nemesis in Nacho Libre.

More than action-packed thrills and spills are on offer as Lucha Libre London is an experience that begins the moment you enter the specially constructed Luchodrome. The circular arena features ringside and balcony seats, a VIP area and standing views for this one-off event - with full-on Mexican DJs, live-show relay, special films and animations introducing the luchadores. Themed food and drink will be there in plentiful supply to create the ultimate Mexican experience.

The mysterious world of Lucha Libre has a cult following here. Literally translated as ‘free wrestling’, and based on daring acrobatics and spectacular soaring manoeuvres, a Lucha Libre bout has to be seen to be believed. The luchadores - athletes, acrobats, performers to a man - put on a show of unbridled energy and contagious, enthusiastic showmanship. It is also infamous for its participants’ donning of masks which both create the mystique and express each unique personality that makes these warriors appear more than mere mortals when in the ring.

Four shows in three days will see these international superstars doing battle in a series of matches pitting ‘tecnico’ luchadores – usually the good guys armed with sophisticated, silky skills, against the ‘rudo’ luchadores, usually the villainous, aggressive, less cultured warriors, that are sure to blow the minds of everyone lucky enough to witness the spectacle that is Lucha Libre London.

The shows take place on Friday 4th July, Saturday 5th July and Sunday 6th July at 7pm DAILY with special matinee show at 2pm on July 5th.

The full line-up of Luchadores is:

El Hijo del Santo

Blue Demon Jr.

Rayo de Jalisco Jr.

Solar I

Ramses (Silver King с образа си от Nacho Libre)

El Hijo del Solitario


Negro Navarro

Black Fish

Incognito (oт TNA WXC 2006)

Cien Caras Jr.

Anibal Jr.

Mascarita Sagrada



Bracito de Plata

Tickets on sale now - Ј20 - Ј75


След като наскоро El Hijo del Santo & La Parka имаха успешно турне в Испания, сега се задава и първото по рода си lucha libre турне в Англия. Естествено турнето включва основно независими кечисти (т.е. такива, които не са с договори с AAA и CMLL), но line-up-a си го бива. Сега е момента Santito да покаже, че не само е един от най-големите draw-ве в Мексико, не само е top indy draw-а в САЩ, не само draw-на добре и в Испания, но може да draw-не добре и в Англия.

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Резултати от първото шоу:

1 - Minis: Octagoncito & Mascarita Sagrada def. Pentagoncito Black & Bracito de Plata

2 - Relevos Increibles: Magno & el Hijo del Solitario def. Cassandro & Black Fish

3 - Maestros: Negro Navarro def. Solar

4 - Lucha Estellar: el Hijo del Santo, Huracan Ramirez & Mystico de Juarez (a.k.a. Incognito) def. Blue Demon Jr., el Hijo del Cien Caras & Silver King

От това, което чувам публиката се е накефила, посещаемостта е била 1500-2000, като едно 70-80% от зрителите са били non-wrestling фенове, сред които е имало... цитирам директно: "TONS of hot women". :) Шоутата получиха добра реклама из английската преса като дори и медия като BBC им отдели малко внимание да ги рекламира като "традиционен мексикански спектакъл/най-популярния спорт в Мексико заедно с футбола". Резултатът е налице - привлича се публика извън традиционната кеч аудитория, защото тази публика идва да види какво представлява този традиционен мексикански спектакъл, а не, за да гледа кеч шоу. Изобщо много доволна работа.

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Резултати от следобедното шоу от вчера:

1. Pentagoncito Black & Bracito de Plata def. Mascarita Sagrada & Octagoncito

2. Magno def. Black Fish

3. Solar & Cassandro def. El Hijo Del Solitario & Negro Navarro

4. Blue Demon Jr., Silver King & El Hijo Del Cien Caras def. El Hijo Del Santo, Huracan Ramirez & Mystico de Juarez

I don't particularly like Lucha - I've tried on DVD and I can't bring myself to give a shit. However, in person, with a real authentic Mexican vibe (people going around selling Tequila shots, wacky Mexican music playing, etc), I totally enjoyed myself. Even the Magno vs Black Fish match, which probably wasn't all that good if you step back and look at it, was still a lot of fun to see live. The minis were great fun (minis doing Topes? Awesome!), the semi-main was a real lucha sleazefest with a transvestite and an old bald man in his pants (Navarro), but they did some wacky fun stuff too. Cassandro was over like crazy. London apparently loves the trannies!

Main event was great stuff, as it had some real fantastic heeling by Los Rudos, and a lot of mask rippery, which added to the drama. Los Rudos utterly beat Santo like a dog in the first fall, pinning him easily. The second fall saw Los Tecnicos level it up, but Los Rudos misdirected the referee (who had seemingly never seen lucha libre before), fouled Santo and all three piled on top to pin him. There was much post match promo-ing. Los Tecnicos wanted a rematch, but then El Hijo Del Santo said he wanted a title match with Blue Demon Jr, mascara contra mascara rules. Demon teased doing it... "Mascara contra mascara... here... in London??" (crowd cheers) "No... in Mexico!" (crowd boos). I think Silver King left it that if Santo wants a shot at Demon's belt, they'll have to win a rematch, which presumably they're doing tonight.

Oh, and it amused me no end how utterly ineffective Huracan Ramirez was. Every time he stepped in, he got fucking owned. Santo hit his stuff, Mystico had all sorts of dives and twirls, but Ramirez was just there to be beaten up.

But yeah, thumbs up for the lucha. I'm not *converted*, as I'm sure if I watched the same show on DVD, I'd shake my head and say I didn't get it... but in person, taking in the whole cultural thing, yep... that was great.

Oтносно вечерното шоу + малко за следобедното шоу:

El Hijo Del Santo has defeated Blue Demon Jr to win the WWA Title in the main event of the evening show... the show has been described as "awesome" and "on a par with NOAH, if not better" in texts I've received.

Not on par with NOAH at all. BETTER!! Much better.

Afternoon show was ok, might have been a bit less good because I was back row of the balcony, with a slight view obstruction, but it would appear they were intentionally holding back for the evening show which was fan sodding tastic.

The whole experience was amazing. The shows were so well produced and presented, it came across as such a professionally put together event. Amazing lighting, a live edit on 3 big screens with no delay, an amazing venue, a brilliant crowd, with no smart ass twats like at NOAH and TNA (only one incident right at the end of the evening show when 2 guys got in the ring but were immedietly chased out by security).

Maybe a couple of good matches, one very good and one bad match in the afternoon show, but 3 really good matches, one very good match and 1 amazing match in the evening, in fact maybe the best match I've seen live ever, definetly this year.

With all the masked wrestlers putting on all these good matches it's incredible. NOAH was great, but even that had 1 terrible match....seemed odd having no bad matches at LLL.

So to summarise, amazing. Hopefully the pretty much packed houses will encourage them to make this a yearly thing or whatever.

Evening show was so much better than the afternoon show it's not even funny. More people in attendance too, pretty much sold out I'd say.

Cassandro and Black Fish vs. Mistico de Juarez and Magno was probably the best match I've ever seen live, on a par with the junior tag at NOAH. It's a crime if it isn't released on DVD at some point. I'd pay a tenner just for a DVD of that one match in fact, as the camerawork was superb all night. Whole show was immensly professional in general, with competent security, things starting on time and all that jazz.

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Малко по-подробен репортаж:

The Roundhouse Theatre was fairly packed, looked to be perhaps more than for the NOAH show in Coventry a couple of weeks ago.

Lots of kids in the audience (this was an afternoon show) and their parents who seemed to have come along just to bring their kids but all the ones I saw clearly had a fucking great time too.

First thing worth mentioning was the ring announcer - think that guy from Electric Six with a tux and these SUPERB, shiny, pointy gold shoes. He was fucking awesome and promised the "the most exciting thing you have ever seen in your entire life." He was so unbelievably entertaining.

1. Mascarita Sagrada & Octagoncito vs. Pentagoncito Black & Bracito Da PlataThe minis were over HUGE. Bracito just slapped the FUCK out of the technicos. Tremendous crowd reactions and at times I felt like the grin would have to be surgically removed from my face. One of the most purely fan matches I've ever seen live. At one point I saw a man literally wipe tears of laughter from his eyes. Rudos won when Pentagoncito pinned Sagrada but had his feet on the ropes. They did some confusing back and forth challenging for a rematch (all in Spanish) but then they just left.

2. Magno vs. Black Fish OK match. I think Magno won. He has some lovely, graceful flying moves but looked pretty ropy on some of his other spots. Not much to it.

3. Negro Navarro & El Hijo Del Solitario vs. Solar & Cassandro. Navarro appeared to be 110 years old but was great fun to watch. They did the arm-pump-over-the-shoulder spot the heels always used to do in Michinoku Pro and it got over great. Cassandro was wildly popular and fucking hilarious. His flouncingly gay version of Undertaker's rope walk spot was a riot. He appeared to land right on his head doing a dive very late in the match. Navarro and Cassandro really stood out and the others were fine, though Solitario did WAY too much kid-friendly interaction for a rudo. I forget who won. Does it matter?

4. El Hijo Del Santo, Incognito & Huracan Ramirez vs. Silver King, El Hijo Del Cien Caras & Blue Demon Jr. Incognito was over as a face for speaking good English and some nice flying moves. Santo did pretty much all his big spots but is showing his age. He got some chants but it was very obvious hardly anyone knew who he was. Crowd seemed to keep getting the rudos/technicos mixed up and only Silver King (who at one point hid behind the ring card girl) managed to really stay consistent as a GREAT heel. Caras sucked, Ramirez landed on his face at one point, nobody in the match could do legdrops. It was lots of fun but the crowd just wasn't as into it as I expected. Rudos won after kicking Santo in the nuts and Demon pinned him after some kind of move. By this point we'd been in the building over 3 hours and seen 4 matches and had to rush off to brave the tube and get home.

Despite some annoyances, this was well worth the money and the almost 9 hours of travelling. Lucha FUCKING rules.

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