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ROH 6th Anniversary Show


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ROH 6th Anniversary From the ROH Message Boards:


Zach Gowen defeats Pelle Primeau with a moonsault.

Show starts at 7:40pm

Manhattan Center said to be almost full so it looks like another ROH sellout for The Manhattan Center

Main Show

Delirious vs.Human Tornado is up now.Huge Tornado chant starts.Dance off between Delirious and Tornado.They wrestle with music.Out comes AOTF without Necro.Lacey slaps Delirious.Out comes Daizee Haze.She beats on Lacey.And now Delirious gets involved.Delirious,Tornado clean house on the AOTF.Match is ruled a no contest.

Delirious and Human Tornado vs.Jimmy Jacobs and Tyler Black is up now.Black and Jacobs win when Jacobs makes Tornado tap to End Time.Delirious chases off the AOTF with a hairpick.

Nigel out to cut a promo.Nigel says he's ready.He says Danielson is reckless.Crowd starts chanting "You're gonna get your ****ing head kicked in."Nigel says he's putting his health first...he's worried about who will main event the PPV..Nigel goes full blown heel.Nigel says he won't defend the belt cause the fans won't care when he's a vegetable.Out comes Danielson.Danielson defends the honor of the belt.Danielson says no tv,no 40 years of history because the title is important because everyone works their ass off to win the belt.Everyone from Aries to Punk who worked their ass off for the belt.Its even for Daniels and Strong who tried to win the belt.Danielson agrees to not attack the head.Danielson gives his word amd its not like Morishima's promise but it'll be OK cause I am the best wrestler in the world.

El Generico vs. Brent Albright is up now.Albright wins with knees to head.Match ends due to ref stoppage.

Larry Sweeney talk show segment is up now.Guest is none other than the returning...Allison Danger.Sweeney asks her if she's a huge slut.Sweeney hits Danger.He lays her out and says Bobby can become a man.He lays out Dempsey on top of her.Sweet and Sour Inc. announce a hostile takover of ROH.Segment over.

Kevin Steen vs. Joey Matthews is up now.Matthews is working WWE ****and its pissing the crowd off.Steen wins when Matthews taps to the sharpshooter.No handshake between the two post-match.Steen mimmicks a crybaby.

Go Shiozaki vs. Austin Aries is up now.Aries defeats Shiozaki with a brainbuster/450 combo for the win.Post-match Tyler Black and Jimmy Jacobs are up in the balcony trying to persuade Aries to join The Age Of The Fall.Tammy Sytch comes out and interrupts the recruitment.Tammy recruits Aries.She offers him "more".Aries says I will take my time to decide.Leaves.

Return Date for next NYC show is Saturday May 10th at The Hammerstein Ballroom


Shimmer Title Match:Sara Del Rey vs. Daizee Haze is up now.Del Rey retains over Daizee Haze with the Royal Butterfly.

ROH World Tag Team Title Match with Davey Richards and Rocky Romero vs.Ruckus and Jigsaw is up now.Richards and Romero win when Davey hits a sitout powerbomb for the win on Jigsaw.After the match Jigsaw refused to take off the mask and left.Kevin Steen and El Generico are in the crowd with a mic.Steen and Generico challenge the NRC to a fight and want a title shot.The NRC accept and then run when Steen and Generico hit the ring and Steen and Generico chase them to the back.

No DQ FIP World Heavyweight Title Match

Roderick Strong defends vs. Erick Stevens vs. The Necro Butcher is up now.Strong retains the title win he pins Necro.Match is said to be a brutal brawl.

ROH World Title Match

Nigel McGuinness defends vs. Bryan Danielson is up now.Nigel hits the ref and gets DQ'ed.Aries and all the babyfaces come out and demand Nigel wrestle or go through all of them.The match is restarted.Amazing match.Nigel is busted open really bad.Nigel retains over Danielson when Nigel makes Danielson tap to The London Dungeon.

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