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Германската кеч сцена


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Пускам просто, за да видите какво си правят в Германия. :)



Essen, Germany

Attendance: 286

Alternate Four Way Match

Emil Sitoci beat Adam Polak, Martin Stone & Marc Slater

16 Carat Gold Tournament 2008 First Round Match

Ares beat Big Van Walter (9:40)

16 Carat Gold Tournament 2008 First Round Match

Tommy End beat Jimmy Jacobs (10:03)

16 Carat Gold Tournament 2008 First Round Match

Chris Hero beat Absolute Andy (w/Don Jakobi & Steve Douglas) (23:18)

16 Carat Gold Tournament 2008 First Round Match

El Generico beat Taiji Ishimori (14:35)

16 Carat Gold Tournament 2008 First Round Match

Bad Bones beat Pierre Carl Oullet (w/Don Jakobi, Steve Douglas & Absolute Andy) (11:37).

16 Carat Gold Tournament 2008 First Round Match

Emil Sticoi (subbing for Marc Roudin) beat Chuck Taylor (7:44)

16 Carat Gold Tournament 2008 First Round Match

Bryan Danielson beat Mike Quackenbush (24:01)

16 Carat Gold Tournament 2008 First Round Match

Naomichi Marufuji beat Doug Williams (19:51)


Essen, Germany

Attendance: 300+ (sold out)

16 Carat Gold Tournament 2008 Quarter Final Match

Chris Hero beat Emil Sitoci (17:51)

Tag Team Match

Doug Williams & Martin Stone beat Absolute Andy & PCO (w/Don Jakobi) (16:10)

16 Carat Gold Tournament 2008 Quarter Final Match

Bad Bones beat El Generico (12:22)

16 Carat Gold Tournament 2008 Quarter Final Match

Ares besat Tommy End (10:49)

Six Man Tag Team Match

Adam Polak, Chuck Taylor & Jimmy Jacobs beat Big Van Walter, Marc Slater & Taiji Ishimori (15:52)

16 Carat Gold Tournament 2008 Quarter Final Match

Bryan Danielson besat Naomichi Marufuji (19:24)

World of Sports Rules Match

Johnny Saint vs. Mike Quackenbush [1:1] - Draw

wXw World Heavyweight Title Relaxed Rules Match

Steve Douglas beat Alex Pain © (37:10) to win the title.


16 Carat Gold Tournament 2008 Semi Final Match

Bryan Danielson beat Chris Hero (36:47)

Tag Team Match

Doug Williams & Martin Stone beat Jimmy Jacobs & Emil Sitoci (16:10)

16 Carat Gold Tournament 2008 Semi Final Match

Bad Bones beat via Shadow Driver (20:30)

Singles Match

Taiji Ichimori beat Chuck Taylor (11:05)

Four Way Tag Team Elimination Match

Absolute Andy & PCO (w/Don Jakobi) beat Big Van Walter & Marc Slater, Revolution Purple (Lazio Fe & Adam Polak) and Farmer Joe & Mot van Kunder. (24:48)

Singles Match

Naomichi Marufuji beat Mike Quackenbush (15:48)

wXw World Heavyweight Title Match

Steve Douglas (w/Absolute Andy & Don Jakobi) © beat El Generico (19:00)

16 Carat Gold Tournament 2008 Final Match

Bad Bones beat Bryan Danielson to win the tournament (20:42).



This is the match card announced so far for GSW International Impact V (19/04, @ Hessenhalle, GieЯen):

GSW World Heavyweight Championship Match

"Obermacker" Michael Kovac vs. "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels

Christian Cage vs. Joe E. Legend

GSW Tag Team Championship Match

The Decent Society (Crazy Sexy Mike & Ahmed Chaer) vs. The Absolute Alliance

ECW Three Way Dance (Elimination Style)

Doug Williams vs. Jerry Lynn vs. Are$

GSW Ladies Championship Match

Wesna vs. Sara del Rey

Street Fight

Eric Schwarz vs. Murat Bosporus (w/ Eko Fresh)

Also announced:


Announcement + promo от Christian Cage


P.S. Не мисля, че има нужда да казвам, че шоутата звучат много добре...

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Ъйдейт!~ Това никак не са всичките пресни шоута oт Германия, но просто тези двете са с най-много познати имена. Нека да има. :)

German Stampede Wrestling International Impact V


Hessenhalle, Giessen, Germany

1. GSW No. 1 Contender match: Blue Nikita d. Sara Del Rey via This is Sparta

2. GSW Tag Team Championship Match: The Decent Society (Ahmed Chaer & Crazy Sexy Mike) © d. The Absolute Alliance (Absolute Andy & Bad Bones)

3. Street Fight: Murat Bosporus w/ Eko Fresh d. Eric Schwarz

4. Three Way Dance / Elimination Rules - "Do Or Die"-Rules: Are$ d. "The Anarchist" Doug Williams, "The New F'N Show" Jerry Lynn

(Are$ eliminated Doug Williams, Are$ eliminated Jerry Lynn)

5. GSW Breakthrough Championship Match: "The Vision" Steve Douglas © d. Marty Jannetty

6. Special Attraction: Joe E. Legend d. "The Instant Classic" Christian Cage

7. GSW World Heavyweight Championship: "Obermacker" Michael Kovac © d. "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels

EWP - European Wrestling Promotion

"Special Edition"

05.04.2008 - Hanger No.5, Hannover

Leon Van Gasteren def. Metal Master (Chad Collyer)

Chain Match: Ecki Eckstein def. "Dirty" Dan Collins

Thunder & "Wildcat" Robbie Brookside def. Eric Schwarz & Pierre Le Prestee

Rene Dupree def. Hernandez via DQ. Hernandez scoop slammed Dupree on 2 ringside chairs and was disqualified [MOTN].

Raven's Rules Match: Raven def. Doug Williams

Hernandez vs. Dupree!~

THUNDER (за който още ме е супер яд, че не можa да си довърши враждата с Burchill във FWA заради подписването на Burchill с WWE :wavecry: ):

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Добре бе само тука ли нямаме професионална борба :wavecry: Ега ти ... гледаме като циганета витрина на Кореком !


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Добре бе само тука ли нямаме професионална борба :wavecry: Ега ти ... гледаме като циганета витрина на Кореком !

Еми нямало е кой да се хване, бе брато... А ако има пък ще трябват пари, а ме съмнява да има много желаещи да спонсорират кеч шоута в България.

Thunder and Burchill Rulz

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Чесно казано бях забравил за 16 Carat Gold tournament-a, но преди 5-6 седмици се подсетих след като срещнах хвалби за мача между Johnny Saint & Mike Quackenbush, обаче тогава шоуто още не беше излезнало в Интернет. Пак забравих за шоуто и чак преди малко се сетих за него, тъй като попаднах на следните review-та:

Night One

Love the venue. The crowd can be annoying at times, but they can also add to the matches.

Adam Polak vs. Emil Sitoci vs. Marc Slater vs. Martin Stone

Not too bad I suppose. Polak was hated by the rabid crowd, and wanted Slater to kick his ass. Makes me think that there's something going on there. Most of the match is dull and disjointed, but got the fans into it, which was basically the job. Nothing that made me want to see any of them in round one though.

Ares vs. Big Van Walter

Not my cup of tea at all I'm afraid. I was almost bored to sleep. Ares strikes me as a competant but rather dull wrestler. Walter didn't seem too bad, so I'm not entirely sure what went wrong here, but I wasn't into it at all.

Jimmy Jacobs vs. Tommy End

This is MUCH more like it. I was very impressed with Tommy End here, and the match did a good job of putting his feet based offense over. Jacobs also did everything he could to help End look great here, and it certainly worked. It actually looks like I'm giving Jacobs all of the credit for this being good, which I shouldn't be, as Tommy End held his own end up pretty well.

Absolute Andy vs. Chris Hero

Absolutely fabulous match here. If there's a better match in the tournament, then it's going to have to be a genuine MOTYC. Both guys put on a terrific show. Andy as the bastard heel, and Hero as the veteran who knew all of the tricks in the book, yet Andy kept coming back for more, and had more than one chance to take the victory, both on his own and with help.

El Generico vs. Taiji Ishimori

What was I saying about a better match ? This was absolutely fantastic, but for different reasons than the above, as this was just two guys going out there and busting their asses for 15 minutes, and doing so in a spectacular fashion. Generico came out of this match looking like an absolute legend, kicking out of everything that Ishimori had for him while being determined to hit that big move which he eventually did. Awesome match.

Bad Bones vs. PCO

PCO has a cool jacket. Not sure if anyone cares. He actually looks like a guy that could kick Bad Bones' ass. Don't see someone like that often. Seemed like more of a showcase for PCO than anything else, which I don't mind as he was impressive here. Other than that, this was a good big man brawl.

Chuck Taylor vs. Emil Sitoci

Other than the fun heel vs. heel stuff in the match, there isn't much fun to be had here.

Bryan Danielson vs. Mike Quackenbush

Fans aren't exactly receptive of Danielson here. Certainly not the best match these guys are likely to have. I've seen them wrestle three times, including this one, and this is the worst. I guess the match tells a story, and both guys keep with it, but it's not interesting enough to keep me engaged. I can only imagine that they knew the last match was coming next and they didn't want to overshadow it.

Doug Williams vs. Naomichi Marufuji

Very solid main event for the show, and I loved the little subtle moments. From the initial heelish antics of Maru to the nods of familiarity they have with each other. They didn't go all out and have a war, but they did have a very interesting match which was a good watch.



This is a terrific wrestling show. I'd like to see the guys from the first couple of matches again to see if I have judged them wrong. I'm not sure that I'm wrong about Ares as I've seen him more than once, but the others. Two absolutely amazing matches and a whole bunch of decent stuff.

Night Two

Emil Sitoci vs. Chris Hero

Do-do-do-do-dooooo, I'm lovin' it. It's amazing to see that not so long ago, I was calling Chris Hero tedious and things like that. Now, I think he can do no wrong. Probably because he doesn't just do moves for the sake of it anymore ( apart from that dumbass back roll Senton ). This match was another belter, and has me gagging for more Hero in this tournament.

PCO and Absolute Andy vs. Doug Williams and Martin Stone

I was expecting a fun match, and that's what you get from this. PCO is the standout guy, much like he was in the match with Bad Bones. I always knew this guy was decent, but this weekend of shows is showing me just how good he can be. This match has a whole lot of everything and everyone, apart from Andy for some reason. Surprising considering his great showing the previous night.

El Generico vs. Bad Bones

Not quite hitting expectations here ... still, that's only because the standard has been so high. This match is still a very good one. Bad Bones didn't use his power advantage enough though.

Ares vs. Tommy End

This is the first time that I've watched Ares and been impressed by him. Very good little match, which was more than I expected because of the horrible opening match of the tournament. Tommy End is one I'll be keeping an eye on.

Adam Polak, Jimmy Jacobs and Chuck Taylor vs. Big Van Walter, Marc Slater and Taiji Ishimori

Spot the odd one out in each team. This match was whole big bag of fun really. Lots of funny spots, and stupid spots which were stupid in a good way.

Bryan Danielson vs. Naomichi Marufuji

When Danielson is on, he's ON. He heeled up in style for this match, and the fans despised him even more than the night before. This match is probably equal to their match at ROH Final Battle match. It felt very much like a NOAH Jr. match, and the insane crowd only helped to add to the greatness.

Johnny Saint vs. Mike Quackenbush - WOS Rules Match

That was utterly, utterly, utterly glorious. Ultimate proof that no matter how old you are, if you've got it, you've got it. Loads of counters, and counters to counters, and some lightning quick stuff that you never knew a 67 year old man could actually do. Get this.

Johnny Saint wants six rounds next time. I need that yesterday.

We then have an incredibly awesome video package. I don't understand the language, but I undertstand utter, utter hatred when I see it.

Alex Pain vs. Stevie Douglas

It was always going to take something special to beat that last match. This was that very "something special". Sheer grit and determination from both men. It was brutal, bloody and sick. Filled with desperation and two men that wanted the win more than anything in the world, and putting themselves through hell to get that win. As I said, hatred can be seen in any language.



Ladies and gentleman, this might be the best night of wrestling in 2008. Nothing was even below "great fun", and the last two matches were stunning stuff. Bring on night three.

Като му дойде времето ще едит-на този пост с review на Night 3.

Добрата новина е, че шоутата вече са качени в PWT (всъщност, били са качени още преди 2 седмици), така че веднага ги налазвам и взависимост от коефицента ми в PWT ще сваля поне едно от тях (N2 задължително, защото искам да видя Johnny FUCKING Saint в действие).

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Хмм, това за малко да го изпусна. Последното шоу на wXw:

June 22nd

T-Club, Oberhausen

Attn.: 397

1. Bernd Fоhr (wXw 1) d. Eddie Edwards (NOAH 0) via jackknife cradle

2. Takashi Sugira (NOAH 1) d. Chris Hero (wXw 1) via Olympic Slam after 14:44

3. wXw Tag Team Championship: Steve Douglas & Absolute Andy d. Chris Hero & Marc Roudin © via Sharpshooter from Andy on Roudin - new champs

4. KENTA (NOAH 2) d. Claudio Castagnoli (wXw 1) via Go 2 Sleep after 16:23

5. Relaxed Rules: Thumbtack Jack (wXw 2) d. Jay Briscoe (NOAH 2) via cross-legged Michinoku Driver from the stage though a table in crazy brawl

6. wXw No. 1 Contendorship: Bryan Danielson d. Nigel McGuinness via small package

7. Kenta Kobashi & Go Shiozaki (NOAH 3) d. Bad Bones & Big Van Walter (wXw 2) via Burning Lariat from Kobashi on Walter after 21:12

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По-подробни репортажи:

wXw presents ”Dead End VIII – Day 1”

June 21, 2008 – Saint, Oberhausen, NORDRHEIN-WESTFALEN, Germany

1.DWA Cruiserweight Tournament European Semifinals - Three-Way Dance: Bernd Fцhr vs. Mot van Kunder vs. Payday Patterson

Fun contest to open the show. Payday got ”Welcome Back” chants. Fohr was way over. Lots of comedy spots in this one. Fohr pinned Patterson following the Ranhei.

2.Diego Latino vs. Marc Roudin (w/ Chris Hero)

Diego Latino was…drunk. Roudin came to the ring with Chris Hero. The crowd was solidely behind Marc. Nothing special here, Roudin went over with La Moneyiиre (Cross-legged Michinoku Driver).

Right after the match, Emil Sitoci came out. He talked trash about Roudin, continuing their heated feud.He also stated that he’s going to participate in a reality show and be a TV star.

3.Absolute Andy & Claudio Castagnoli w/Don Jakobi & Steve Douglas vs. T-Bones (Thumbtack Jack & Bad Bones)

Andy had the microphone and started talking in german. I felt handicapped. Then Stevie got the mic. His target: Chris Hero, and their wXw title match tonight. Despite being the heel, Claudio came out to a big pop. Bones channelled Kobashi with the Machine Gun chops. Big spot of the match was T-Jack tornado DDT’ing Claudio outside of the ring right in front of my eyes. Crowd chanted ”KENTA’s gonna kill you” at Claudio. Andy & Claudio won when Claudio pinned T-Jack following the Ricola Bomb. Best match thus far.

15 min. intermission.

Back from intermission. The first name announced for ”Broken Rulz VIII” is DRAKE YOUNGER! Big crowd reaction for Drake.

4.Lodz-style KO Catch Match - Big van Walter & Bruisin' Marc Slater vs. Revolution Purple (Lazio Fe & Roberto "The Bull" Lequimez)

Lazio announced Lequimez as the new member of Revolution Purple. Adam Polak is injured. Walter did Kobashi’s trademark neck chop. At one point, someone in wrestling tights appeared the crowd. He then entered the ring and hit Slater with a scary Olympic Slam. Walter & Slater won when Walter pinned Lazio following a Lariat. A bit disappointing, but still acceptable.

HATE hit the ring and had the Deutschland flag. Him and Rico Bushido (the one of the run-in) had an altercation, then Rico came to the ring aswell. A FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE was sanctioned.

5.Falls Count Anywhere – HATE vs. Rico Bushido

Chaos. They immediately moved outside, and started brawling. I followed them for a while, then came back to the ring area and found a place around the ring. I’m happy. The two eventually came back to the ring, where HATE hit the Shining Knee on Bushido to get the three count.

6.wXw World Heavyweight Title – Steve Douglas w/Don Jakobi & Absolute Andy vs. Chris Hero

The first one to enter was Stevie, accompanied as usual by Jakobi and Andy. ”Holding Out For A Hero” ?? here in Saint, and we went absolutely nuts for the appearance of Chris Hero. I high-fived Hero during the entrance. This match was really heated and full of drama. At one point, while Hero had Stevie in the Hangman’s Clutch, Andy came to the ring with Stevie’s wXw Title. Roudin came to the ring aswell and was able to save Hero from the attack, hitting Andy with the wXw Tag Title. Hero busted out everything he had in is arsenal, even trying the Rubix Cube two times. Unfortunately, it was the second time that costed Hero the match, since Stevie countered it and pinned Hero with a Victory Roll.

Post-match, Hero thanked the fans and praised the wXw crowd. Hero than said that are already six and a half years since he debuted for wXw, and he’s not the ”American guy”, the ”foreigner” anymore, but he’s a part of the family. Hero than said that tomorrow’s event is all about Pro Wrestling NOAH vs. westside Xtreme wrestling. He said that he competed for Pro Wrestling NOAH, but tomorrow, he will be proud to represent wXw against TAKASHI SUGIURA. Hero described Sugiura as ”one of the baddest motherfuckers in NOAH”. Hero than praised Roudin, describing him as ”the best partner a guy can ask”. Hero and Roudin hugged to end the show.

wXw/NOAH Dead End VIII – Day 2: European Navigation

22 June, 2008 – T-Club, Oberhausen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

1.Pro Wrestling NOAH vs. Westside Xtreme wrestling, Young Lions Challenge: Eddie Edwards (NOAH) vs. Bernd Fohr (wXw)

Perfect opener. Fohr was even more over than yesterday. Edwards is good in the ring, but necessarily needs some characterization. Fohr went over with a hurracarana followed by a jackknife cradle.

2.Pro Wrestling NOAH vs. westside Xtreme wrestling: Takashi Sugiura (NOAH) vs. Chris Hero (wXw)

A Japanese guy with a camera came next to me, I suppose he was taping for G+. This match was originally scheduled to be Takashi Sugiura vs. Adam Polak, but Polak was injured. Sugiura got ”Welcome Back” chants (he’s been absent In wXw from 2006). Once again I high-fived Hero during the entrance. They stiffed each other hard in this one. Sugiura won the match with the Olympic Slam in an awesome and balanced match.

POST-MATCH: Absolute Andy & Steve Douglas viciously attacked Chris Hero. Marc Roudin came for the save. The match was officialized.

3.wXw Tag Team Championship: $wiss Money Heroes (Chris Hero & Marc Roudin) © vs. AbLas (Absolute Andy & Steve Douglas)

Each and every time Hero tried to return to the ring, he was blocked from doing it. Hero was frustrated.

Hero then came right next to me at ringside, and began to encourage Roudin. Hero and Douglas then brawled outside. At one point, Hero did a Moonsault from the steel structure on Douglas. That was AWESOME. Then they came back in my area. Douglas locked Hero in a leg submission outside, while Andy applied the Sharpshooter on Roudin in the ring. Marc Roudin reached the ropes, but Andy was quick to re-apply the same submission and Roudin tapped. Absolute Andy & Steve Douglas are once again wXw Tag Team Champions.

4.Pro Wrestling NOAH vs. westside Xtreme wrestling: KENTA (NOAH) vs. Claudio Castagnoli (wXw)

KENTA got a big crowd reaction. High support for Claudio aswell. The two didn’t really match up well, but a fun contest nonetheless. Go 2 Sleep and yet another win for Pro Wrestling NOAH.

5.Pro Wrestling NOAH vs. westside Xtreme wrestling – Relaxed Rules: Jay Briscoe (NOAH) vs. Thumbtack Jack (wXw)

The two immediately moved outside, where they threated a stiff strikes exchange. They brawled around the T-Club, but I did not follow them, and instead I went to recuperate my ringside seat. Yeah. They eventually returned here, and Jay searched something under the ring. He found my bag, but he didn’t seem interested. He moved a bit, and found a board. Jay built a table with it. Then they went on tiers of seats, and Jay tried to DVD TJ, failing. TJ tried to Pumphandle Drive Jay, but failed aswell. Jay went for the J-Driller, but TJ countered it and smashed Jay onto the structure with a Cross-legged Michinoku Driver for the three count! The two then came back to the ring, and hugged.

6.wXw World Heavyweight Title #1 Contendership: Bryan Danielson vs. Nigel McGuinness

Danielson is pure gold in the dickhead bastard heel role. He played the crowd really well. Because of this, the match wasn’t fantastic as it could have been, but hey, it was still Nigel vs. Dragon! Dragon won the match after a low-blow not seen by the referee and a small package.

Dragon received the following chants:

”Fuck You Dragon!”

”Same Old Shit!”




7.Pro Wrestling NOAH vs. westside Xtreme wrestling: Kenta Kobashi & Go Shiozaki (NOAH) vs. Bad Bones & Big van Walter (wXw)

Both Bones and Walter have had though challenges during the course of 2008, but this was, without a shadow of a doubt, the toughest. Go received ”Welcome Back” chants (he has been absent from wXw since 2007 16 Carat). Grand Sword played here in T-Club, and the crowd started chanting ”Kobashi! Kobashi! Kobashi!”. This match had so much chops. Machine Gun chops from Kobashi, and the crowd went absolutely nuts. At one point, Go tried to execute a German Suplex on Walter, but moments before the release, Walter just collapsed on Shiozaki. It’s hard to describe, but it’s like Go lost the hold, and Walter fell on him. Bad sight. Then Kobashi took care on Walter with an half-nelson suplex, followed by one on Bones aswell. Kobashi & Shiozaki did lots of double-team moves based on chops. Kobashi pinned Walter following the Burning Lariat. Post-match, all 4 men celebrated in the ring. Very touching moment.

LMAO! :lol: Още като изгледах N2 на 16 Carat Gold (между другото, първото цяло шоу, което гледам от тази федерация) едно от нещата, които ми направиха най-голямо впечатление беше как публиката тотално shit-ва върху Danielson и сега като чета този репортаж виждам, че явно всеки път го правят. Такова нещо не се вижда всеки ден и поне аз лично се спуках да се смея на 16 Gold Carat N2, когато Danielson направи "Ref, I've got till five..." и беше посрещнат с мощен "Same Old Shit" chant. :D ЯКО HEEL HEAT!~ Германската публика рулира! Правят малко повече chant-ове отколкото е необходимо (макар и някои от тези chant-ове да са супер забавни), но като цяло са доста активни и създават интересна атмосфера.

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Само да кажа,че почти привърших с гледането на wXw 16 Carat Gold Tournament и съм крайно впечатлтен.По този повод по-късно през деня или утре ще напиша обстоен коментар и също така целият турнир ще бъде качен в multimedia раздела,може би довечера,може би утре,ще видим,защото наистина е нещо,което си заслужава.

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Same Old Shit,Same Old Shit,Same Old Shit -Велик и незабравим момент,за разлика от Сина- Хиксовете,което си беше просто ок мач.

Same Old Shit :) :) :)

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Учудвам се, че в Германия няма някаква версия на The Fight Network, от край време са си луди по кеча. Все пак именно в Герамния се появи първият канал изцяло за кеч - DSF Action, но за съжаление, който за съжаление не съществува дълго. Абе като цяло е супер яко, че в Европа нещата се развиват толкова и не само WWE може да събира публика. Интересно дали NWE няма да планират сериозна офанзива на Германския пазар? Щом вече превзеха Испания е време да се насочат и към други пазари.

"Everywhere I go people stop and ask me, ‘Portia, how did you do it? How did you manage to beat Nikki Roxx so very many times?' And I look at them and say, ‘Kid, get the hell away from me, I'm trying to eat a waffle here." :lol:

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Интересно дали NWE няма да планират сериозна офанзива на Германския пазар? Щом вече превзеха Испания е време да се насочат и към други пазари.

Едва ли. NWE ходят само на места, където са сигурни, че ще draw-нат здраво, а в Германия няма такива гаранции. Както се казва, ако бях залагащ човек, аз лично бих заложил на Португалия или Франция като следващата възможна дестинация за NWE. :)

Между другото, така и така става дума за кеч в Германия, наблюдава се засилен интерес от страна на TNA към германския кеч пазар. Освен новата тв сделка с Premiere е хубаво да се отбележи, че през последните месеци хора като Kurt Angle & Rhino направиха медийни турнета из немските медии, така че подозирам, че TNA бавно и постепенно започват да подготвят почвата в Германия, както и почвата в Испания, Португалия и Франция. :)

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Като цяло е супер, че TNA се ориентират към Германия. Като си спомня колко популярни бяха WCW там, дори в последните си дни. Нещо което ми хареса в предаванията на Premiere е, че коментатори на TNA са двама от старите коментатори на WCW. Едва ли това е от огромно значение, но все пак е яко. И евала на германците, че се кефят на "smart" звезди, а не на единствено mainstream кечисти. Интересно дали тези шоута са финансово успешни, имайки в предвид колко много имена има от САЩ и Япония, но се събират по-малко от 1000 зрители. Естествено за indy шоу в САЩ това е нормално, но тук все пак има допълнителни разходи като самолетни билети и т.н. Както и да е, браво на швабите, че организират толкова много шоута.

"Everywhere I go people stop and ask me, ‘Portia, how did you do it? How did you manage to beat Nikki Roxx so very many times?' And I look at them and say, ‘Kid, get the hell away from me, I'm trying to eat a waffle here." :lol:

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wXw 16 Carat Gold Tournament: 6-8 март 2009

-Alex Shelley was supposed to be in this but he suffered an injury at the TNA UK Tour, and he's not allowed to wrestle outside TNA so he will be replaced in the 16 Carat tournament by his Tag Partner: Chris Sabin!

-The 4th spot for the UK Block goes to Doug Williams. (Note: Doug Williams will be the only wrestler who competed in all four 16 Carat Gold Tournaments!)

The official lineup so far:

"USA Block"

1. Chris Sabin (Detroit, USA)

2. Drake Younger (Indianapolis, USA)

3. Erick Stevens (Sarasota, USA)

4. ???

Alternate 1: Sami Callihan (Bellefontaine, Ohio)

"UK Block"

5. "The Guvnor" Martin Stone (London, UK)

6. Zack Sabre jr. (Isle of Sheppey, UK)

7. Terry Frazier (East London, UK)

8. Doug Willians (Reading, UK)

Alternate 3: Sha Samuels (East London, UK)

"Europa Block"

9. Big van Walter (Wien, A)

10. Adam Polak (Krakau, PL)

11. Absolute Andy (Nьrnberg, D)

12. Steve Douglas (Glauchau, D)

Alternate 4: Tommy End (Amsterdam, NL)

"Puroresu Block"

13. Daisuke Sekimoto (Osaka, JAP)

14. Shingo (Yamanashi, JAP)

15. Tatsuhito Takaiwa (Kyoto, Japan)

16. ???

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Айде, готов е roster-a за 16 Carat Gold Tournament 2009. :)

"USA Block"

1. Chris Sabin (Detroit, USA)

2. Drake Younger (Indianapolis, USA)

3. Erick Stevens (Sarasota, USA)

4. Tyler Black (Buffalo, USA)

Alternate 1: Sami Callihan (Bellefontaine, Ohio)

Alternate 2: ??? [from IWS]

"UK Block"

5. "The Guvnor" Martin Stone (London, UK)

6. Zack Sabre jr. (Isle of Sheppey, UK)

7. Terry Frazier (East London, UK)

8. Doug Williams (Reading, UK)

Alternate 2: Sha Samuels (East London, UK)

"Europa Block"

9. Big van Walter (Wien, A)

10. Adam Polak (Krakau, PL)

11. Absolute Andy (Nьrnberg, D)

12. Steve Douglas (Glauchau, D)

Alternate 3: Tommy End (Amsterdam, NL)

"Puroresu Block"

13. Daisuke Sekimoto (Osaka, JAP)

14. Shingo (Yamanashi, JAP)

15. Tatsuhito Takaiwa (Kyoto, JAP)

16. Bryan Danielson (Aberdeen, Washington, USA)

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И тази година участниците изглеждат много стабилно,общо взето не отстъпват на тези от миналогодишното издание.Доволен съм от добавянето в последния момент на Bryan Danielson и Tyler Black, това със сигурност ще вдигне нивото на турнира.Heel Dragon в wXw => гарантирано шоу.Доста нови и свежи имена,което е добре,чакам с интерес да бъдат обявени мачовете.

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wXw "16 Carat Gold 2009" Night 1


Oberhausen, Germany

Attendance: 300

- Alternate Four Way Match: Sami Callihan d. Dan Paysan, Sha Samuels and Tommy End

- 16 Carat Gold Tournament 2009 First Round Match: Daisuke Sekimoto d. Martin Stone

- 16 Carat Gold Tournament 2009 First Round Match: Drake Younger d. Adam Polak

- 16 Carat Gold Tournament 2009 First Round Match: Steve Douglas d. Tatsuhito Takaiwa

- 16 Carat Gold Tournament 2009 First Round Match: Bryan Danielson d. Doug Williams

- 16 Carat Gold Tournament 2009 First Round Match: Zack Sabre Jr. d. Terry Frazier

- 16 Carat Gold Tournament 2009 First Round Match: Big van Walter d. Erick Stevens

- 16 Carat Gold Tournament 2009 First Round Match: Shingo d. Absolute Andy

- 16 Carat Gold Tournament 2009 First Round Match: Tyler Black d. Chris Sabin


Walter, Takaiwa and The Kartel attack Zack during and after the match. Williams, Stone and End out to make the save.

Jakobi asks Andy to be with him in against Stevie and Sternau. Andy strikes Sternau down and refuses.

Black vs. Sabin was described as match of the night.

wXw "16 Carat Gold 2009" Night 2


Oberhausen, Germany

- 16 Carat Gold Tournament - Round Two: Zack Sabre jr. d. Bryan Danielson via Roll-Up

- 16 Carat Gold Tournament - Round Two: Steve Douglas d. Daisuke Sekimoto

- wXw World Lightweight Championship - Four Way Elimination Match: Tommy End d. Emil Sitoci ©, Chris Sabin and Dan Paysan - TITLE CHANGE!

- 16 Carat Gold Tournament - Round Two: Drake Younger d. Big van Walter

- Single Match: Sami Callihan d. Erick Stevens with the interference of The Kartel

- 16 Carat Gold Tournament - Round Two: Shingo d. Tyler Black

- Six Man Tag Team Match: Tatsuhito Takaiwa & The Kartel (Terry Frazier & Sha Samuels) d. Doug Williams, Martin Stone & Absolute Andy via pin of Takaiwa on Stone

- wXw World Heavyweight Championship: Bryan Danielson d. Bad Bones © via Referee Stoppage - TITLE CHANGE!


After winning his title, Tommy End was attacked by Tatsuhito Takaiwa. Takaiwa then asked for a Title Match.

The Kartel and Sami Callihan attacked Drake Younger after his success against Big Van Walter. Erick Stevens made the save.

After Six Man Tag Team Match, Don Jakobi invited Absolute Andy to be his partner in Tag Team match against the team of Steve Douglas and Sternau. But Andy rejected the offer.

wXw "16 Carat Gold 2009" Night 3


Oberhausen, Germany

- 16 Carat Gold Tournament - SemiFinal: Shingo d. Zack Sabre Jr.

- 16 Carat Gold Tournament - SemiFinal: Drake Younger d. Steve Douglas

- StreetFight Match: The Kartel d. Martin Stone & Erick Stevens

- Sternau d. Dan Paysan

- wXw World Lightweight Championship Match: Tommy End © d. Tatsuhito Takaiwa

- wXw World Heavyweight Championship Four way Title Match: Bryan Danielson © d. Absolute Andy, Adam Polak, Tyler Black

- Doug Williams d. Chris Sabin

- Big Van Walter & Sami Callihan d. Bad Bones & Daisuke Sekimoto

- 16 Carat Gold Tournament - Final: Shingo d. Drake Younger to win the tournament


- Don Jakobi and Absolute Andy vs Steve Douglas & Sternau announced for "Saturday Wrestling 4" in Troisdorf on April

- Danielson vs London announced for "Dead End" on May

- A Dragon Gate Show has been announced for November 1st in Oberhausen

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Два бързи въпроса:

1.Победителят от турнира печели ли някакъв title shot или нещо подобно или просто се води Tournament Winner, без допълнителни "награди"?

2.Danielson vs London. Никъде не видях името на Пол Лондон, но все пак за него ли става дума?

ПП: Благодаря за бързите отговори :)

Edited by BoRn_2B_GoD
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1. По принцип само си печели турнира, но не е изключено да получи и Title shot на някое от следващите шоута. Би имало логика. :)

2. Да.

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NIGHT 1 of WXW 16 Carat 2009

The venue was this cool little bar that you could tell was gonna have an awesome atmosphere just by entering.

1. Sami Callihan vs. Dan Paysan vs. Tommy End vs. Sha Samuels

Really fun 4 way and a perfect opener for a live show. Paysan looked way better than I was expecting and had tons of charisma. Sami is waaaay more enjoyable in person than on tape…. when you hear his strikes live it’s unreal. Tommy is bigtime over with the German fans, who MOSH during his entrance and Sha is basically just an awesome English lout who wrestles in a QPR scarf. Sami got the win over Paysan to be the official alternate for the tourney.

2. 16 Carat Gold 2009 Opening Round Match: Daisuke Sekimoto over Martin Stone via No Touch German Suplex

Awwwwesome little match here and the first taste of the GREATNESS that Big Daisuke would unleash all weekend. Stone really brought it too and looked better than I had ever seen him before. Hard hitting, big powaah moves and a hot crowd…. a fine combination! DICE-K won with the No Touch German to advance. I then proceeded to dance to his music for the first of many times over the weekend.

3. 16 Carat Gold 2009 Opening Round Match: Drake Younger over “Cracow Butcher” Adam Polak via Cross Legged Michinoku Driver

Polak has tons of charisma and an awesome face for wrestling…. like Minoru Suzuki level expressions. Don’t remember too much about this match as alot of it consisted of brawling that I couldn’t see. I do remember liking what they did towards the end. Good stuff.

4. 16 Carat Gold 2009 Opening Round Match: Steve Douglas over Tatsuhito Takaiwa via Half Nelson Suplex Hold.

Douglas is the top local heel in WXW and the crowd do not like him one bit. Also his girlfriend who was at every show is the hottest thing on two legs (at least I think she was his gf). Match was fairly short and Takaiwa was dominating towards the end before Steve busted out his finisher to advance.

5. 16 Carat Gold 2009 Opening Round Match: Bryan Danielson over Doug Williams via low-blow followed by The Small Package

Match of the night up to this point. Danielson was unreal. He is HATED by the Germans and he plays it up like nobody’s business. Doug was on form too and they had some sweet exchanges as you’d expect. Dragon built the match around one move…. AN ABDOMINAL STRETCH! He was determined to use it to win, sometimes mixing it with elbows to the ribs. They had some great nearfalls that everyone was going nutty for before Danielson used the lowblow/cradle combo to advance.

6. 16 Carat Gold 2009 Opening Round Match: Zack Sabre Jr. over Terry Frazier via submission (Cross-Arm Breaker)

Shortest match of the night I think. Zach got the flash win with his Minoru Special Armbar. His entrance music is Burning Heart by Survivor. It may just be the best babyface entrance music in wrestling. Post match was an angle that saw Takaiwa turn heel and join up with Big Van Walter, Frazier and Samuels. Erick Stevens made the save but the he was attacked by Sami Callihan who also joined The Cartel.

7. 16 Carat Gold 2009 Opening Round Match: Big van Walter over Erick Stevens via Power Bomb

Maybe as good as the Danielson match. Stevens was over LIKE A GOD for his first trip to Germany and you could tell he was so stoked to be there. He was so enthusiastic and busted his ass, even breaking out the best topé I’ve seen … maybe EVER! He picked up so much speed and took out both Walter and a table of Subway Sandwiches. The Stevens vs. Subway feud picked up again on Night 3 but I’ll get to that later. Walter looked decent here too but he had his best reserved for later in the weekend and I’ll DEFINITELY get to THAT later too.

8. 16 Carat Gold 2009 Opening Round Match: Shingo Takagi over Absolute Andy via Bloodfall

Yeah I went crazy for Shingo…. did you expect something different? Another good match to keep the roll going. Crowd was crazy hot at times, with Andy being the big local babyface and Shingo being Shingo. Andy’s spinebuster into Sharpshooter combo was such a great near-fall as I think ALOT of people (myself included) thought Shingo might tap (he was teasing it soooo well) but he got to the ropes. A nice touch was that Shingo used the Bloodfall for the win, as it was the start of a cool little mini story that built through his tournament matches.

9. 16 Carat Gold 2009 Opening Round Match: Tyler Black over Chris Sabin via Power Bomb-Superkick Combo

WOW!!!! This was a match and a half. I dunno if the plan was for a babyface vs. babyface match, but the fans started getting on Sabin for being a TNA guy and he seemingly just said “screw it” and rolled with it, totally playing the dick heel busting out Kaientai-DX poses and doing the Stroke followed by a Jarrett strut. But when it came time for the finishing stretch it was all serious. Absolutely insane nearfalls and really killer moves. Tyler was unreal here and Sabin was smooth as can be. They really went all out and the roof was sounding like it might come off the building. LOVE Tyler’s new finish.

And that was the end of Night 1, a HELL of a wrestling show which built nicely to an amazing main event. The show really set the table well for the Sat/Sun shows.

NIGHT 2 of WXW 16 Carat 2009

The venue was bigger than Friday night and once again had a cool atmosphere that hit you the moment you walked in.

1. 16 Carat Gold 2009 Quarter Final Match: Zack Sabre Jr. over Bryan Danielson via Mousetrap

Awesome story here. Very Razor/123 Kid esque. Danielson just dicked around with Zach for the whole match, acting cocky as hell and spending as much time berating the fans as beating up his opponent. It was so much fun. Of course, much like 123 Kid shocked Razor with that moonsault press in 1993, Zach shocked Danielson with a flash pin out of nowhere. He then jumped right into his adoring fans arms as Burning Heart kicked in over the PA. Bryan had the greatest hissy fits ever.

2. 16 Carat Gold 2009 Quarter Final Match: Steve Douglas over Daisuke Sekimoto via Half Nelson Suplex Hold

Sekimoto was flat out incredible in this match. The crowd were soooo behind him and he was just FEEDING off their energy. One of the best spots of the whole weekend was a FREAKING PELE KICK that he busted out of absolutely nowhere when Douglas was trying for his finisher. They did some of the hottest nearfalls of the whole weekend and I was SURE Daisuke was gonna win, but just when I expected another big kickout he was actually kept down for the 1-2-3. My heart may have broke Ralph Wiggam style right at that very moment.

3. wXw World Lightweight Championship: Tommy End over Dan Paysan, Chris Sabin & Emil Sitoci © to become the 15th champion

- Chris Sabin d. Dan Paysan via Cradle Shock

- Tommy End d. Emil Sitoci via Outside Cradle

- Tommy End d. Chris Sabin via Owari Death Combo #2

This match had a tough time following the prior one. The start and end were really good, but the middle dragged at times. Sitoci used the Johnny B. Badd “Badd Blaster” gimmick so in a way it was all worth it. The highlight of the match was when it was down to Sabin and Tommy. Big babyface win to give End the belt. Got over huge of course. Moshing commenced.

We then got an intermission and I popped out to the McDonalds that was near the venue to get my FIRST EVER MCRIB~! I give it a solid ***3/4. It would have been higher but they seriously put about ten buckets of sauce in this thing and I had to spend as much time wiping most of it off as I did eating the thing.

4. 16 Carat Gold 2009 Quarter Final Match: Drake Younger over Big Van Walter via La Magistral Cradle

Unfortunately I missed alot of this match getting back from McD’s. What I saw of it seemed good though. Considering how great these two were on Night 3, I’ll be looking forward to seeing this match again on DVD.

5. Sami Callihan over Erick Stevens via Chain Assisted Right Punch

This was awesome. Both guys were bigtime over and Erick was perhaps even more amped up than the prior night, if that was even possible. Loads of hard hitting as you’d expect and some cool stuff down the stretch. I wasn’t a huge fan of the interference spot for the finish but eh whatcha gonna do. Stevens goes 0-2 for the weekend. A TRUE CRIME (which only gets worse the next night). He’s perhaps more over with the loss though so it’s all good.

6. 16 Carat Gold 2009 Quarter Final Match: Shingo Takagi over Tyler Black via MADE IN JAPAN

Match of the weekend up to this point. Absolutely and completely mind blowingly awesome!!!!! GET THIS DVD FOR THIS MATCH! I don’t even know where to start with reviewing this… I mean I can’t possibly do it justice. Just two great wrestlers going at it 120% in front of one of the hottest crowds you’ll see anywhere in the world. They traded bigtime nearfalls before Shingo won with MADE IN JAPAN. One of the nearfalls was from the move Shingo won with the prior night. So he had to bust out something bigger.

7. 6-Man Tag Team Match: The Kartel (Sha Samuels & Terry Frazier) & Tatsuhito Takaiwa over Doug Williams & Martin Stone & Absolute Andy via Death Valley Driver from Takaiwa on Stone

Good solid 6 man between guys the crowd loved and guys they hated. Takaiwa really should have been decked out in English Football gear. A nice Chelsea shirt would have been sweet! The Kartel continue to frustrate the babyfaces by picking up a win.

8. wXw World Heavyweight Championship: Bryan Danielson d. Bad Bones © via Cattle Mutilation to become the 21st champion

It’s not often you get a show opening and closing with American Dragon matches. Danielson was more serious and intense here than in his prior two matches of the weekend. He was resorting to his whole arsenal of moves, because Bad Bones was THAT TOUGH! Really dramatic match. Bones is from the area and the crowd adore him. One of those matches you just completely lose yourself in. When Bryan won the belt I could audibly hear Ralph Wiggam’ing from every inch of the building. Hearts were broken like it was Dallas in 1983 and a Von Erich head just got slammed into a cage door. Danielson cut a promo saying how the first match of the night didn’t matter, he got the last laugh and that the belt was nothing to him. He was just happy that he made us so sad! Awesome main event.

Overall this was a great great show. Even better than Night 1. Shingo/Tyler, Dragon/Bones and Daisuke/Douglas were the standout matches.

I went to the fans afterparty, and I have to say that everyone was so unbelievably nice. Just some of the coolest guys around. I’ll can probably talk more about the people I met than my overall thoughts on the weekend.

NIGHT 3 of WXW 16 Carat 2009

1. 16 Carat Gold SF: Shingo Takagi over Zack Sabre Jr by ELBOW/CHOKE DEATH COMBO.

Holy fuck did this ever rule!!! This is the sleeper match of the weekend. Zack was extremely aggressive here. He came right out of the gates swinging. And of course Shingo was happy to go toe to toe with him. Zack got the advantage by injuring Shingo’s arm (which he sold like Ricky Steamboat in his prime). However Shingo struck back, taking out Zack’s leg and then going to work with some of the most awesome leg attacks I’ve ever seen. He was switching from one leg lock variation to another and it was soooo smooth. I was just in awe. And I think it was this match that saw Shingo do A FIST DROP TO THE KNEE!!!! Awesome! But Zack fought back, like he had been doing all weekend. Shingo once again had to break out a more severe finisher, as that little story continued on. This time it was the elbow/choke combo that I’ve only ever seen him use once before.

2. 16 Carat Gold SF: Drake Younger over Steve Douglas via Drake’s Landing

The second semi final delivered in spades too. If you’ve read my prior reports you know the deal with these guys. The crowd loves one of them and they HATE one of them. Thus we had yet another match with insane heat. Drake was on fire and Douglas probably put in his best performance of the weekend here. The nearfalls were EPIC and when Drake pulled out the win with the Landing the place exploded.

3. Streetfight: The Kartel (Sha Samuels & Terry Frazier) over Martin Stone & Erick Stevens pinning Stevens.

Oh this was soooo much fun. I dunno what it’d be like for a DVD viewer but this is the type of match that a live crowd adores. They brawled everywhere. I followed around Erick and Terry Frazier and was witness to them destorying the merch table, the Subway sandwich stand and even THE WALL. Erick’s excitement is so contagious. You just can’t help but go crazy and cheer when he’s beating up some dude. Oh and PRO-TIP, do not high five Erick Stevens! He will break your hand! I can’t imagine what a chop is like. As disappointed as I was that Stone (who was also great) and Stevens lost, the finish was hilarious. The Kartel had pretty much not had one offensive manouvre all match, but when Stone fell out of the ring they both rolled up Stevens and piled on for the quick pin. They then proceeded to roll out of the ring, completely dead but with their hands raised.

4. Sternau over Dan Paysan via Ace Crusher

Apparantly this was Sternau’s debut on a main show. And he did a good job. I imagine Paysan is a great guy for a rookie to wrestle, because he’s so damn smooth in the ring and just makes everything so easy. The one scary point was Sternau going for a standing moonsault and not getting all the way over but credit to him, he put it behind him and didn’t let it effect him afterwards. Thankfully he didn’t seem hurt. Fine little match.

5. wXw LW Title: Tommy End © over Tatsuhito Takaiwa via submission

This was the big Takaiwa match of the weekend. He and Tommy went at it hard and had a very good match. The last few minutes were killer. Takaiwa busted out his double Powerbomb/DVD combo and a sick sick Michinoku Driver. I don’t think I’ve mentioned End’s finisher in any of the reports but it’s really cool. He hits an RKO and then rolls back into a cool looking submission. He put down Takaiwa with that to keep the belt.

6. wXw WH Title: Bryan Danielson © over Absolute Andy, Adam Polak & Tyler Black

- Danielson succeeds in V1 pinning Black with The Peruvian Necktie

By far the best of the three 4-ways we saw during 16 Carat. The schtick at the start with Polak and Bryan being BFF’s was hilarious. The Krakow Butcher was the first man out, pinned by Tyler Black. But upon leaving he busted him open with his spike. Danielson jumped all over that and proceeded to lay a beating on Black for the next while. Andy got the hot tag and ran wild. He had Danielson beat with the Sharpshooter, until we saw what I seriously considered one of the most CREATIVE spots I’ve seen in a long time. Toilet paper started flooding the ring, and everyone was like WHAT THE FUCK, pissed off that some fan was doing this. But it was not a fan, it was Steve Douglas up on the balcony! So so awesome. Andy let it distract him and Danielson small packaged him for the pin. Then we got about 10 minutes of Danielson/Tyler. It was great. Up there with their ROH matches for sure. Bryan’s training at Xtreme Couture in Vegas paid off, as he busted out A PERUVIAN NECKTIE to make Tyler submit/pass out.

Post match Danielson challenged Paul London to come and try to take his belt.

8. Doug Williams over Chris Sabin via Chaos Theory

I expected this to be good….. but nowhere near as good as it turned out to be! Some of the best exchanges of the entire weekend were right here in this match. Sabin is seriously just a pleasure to watch. The guy does everything seemingly so effortlessly. He’s one of the most athletically co-ordinated dudes I’ve ever seen. The highlight of the match for me was a sweet sweet tornado DDT off the ropes. Loads of teases of the Chaos Theory and when Doug finally hit it, the place exploded. Sabin who for the third night running worked heel, got a standing ovation post match and “made up” with the fans and shook hands with Doug.

9. Big van Walter & Sami Callihan over Bad Bones & Daisuke Sekimoto when Walter pinned Bones with a GIANT POWERBOMB

This match… OH THIS MATCH!!!! One of my favourite tags this year for sure. These guys all brought it 110% So many incredible exchanges, so many great SHEEEER POWAAAH spots, so much hard hitting and it was all structured really well. Amazing when you consider most of these guys had never wrestled each other, and heck, we had one guy that speaks Japanese, one who speaks English and two who speak German. But THE INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE OF PROWRES made this click perfectly and gave us one of the best, most memorable matches of the whole weekend.

10. 16 Carat Gold 2009 Final: Shingo Takagi over Drake Younger via The Last Falconry winning the 2009 16 Carat Gold Tournament

I don’t really know what I can say about this match. Much like Shingo/Tyler from night 2, words don’t do it justice. The intensity and drama was off the page. I was flipping out like you seriously can’t imagine, all through this match. I may have burnt several thousand calories as someone said! Both guys bled, chairs came into play, Drake busted out an insane, INSANE dive and we got some killer killer nearfalls. Probably the match of the weekend. Either this or Tyler/Shingo. You can’t split them. The story of Shingo’s finishers concluded so beautifully in this. Drake survived all the things that put previous opponents away. The Bloodfall didn’t work, MADE IN JAPAN didn’t work, and the choke didn’t work. So for the first time all weekend we saw The Last Falconry and that was not to be kicked out of.

Shingo was presented with the trophy and announced that he was coming back in November AND WAS BRINGING FRIENDS (Dragon Gate ahoy!). You could see this meant the world to him and that was confirmed by reading his blog today. This is a guy that lives to be a pro wrestler, and he was able to experience a true classic pro wrestling adventure in Germany. It didn’t matter that there wasn’t 60,000 people there. It didn’t matter that it wasn’t in the Tokyo Dome, or Madison Square Garden. This was as real and as awesome as it gets, and every fan and wrestler there knew it. Especially Shingo Takagi.

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Wrestling Legends Tour - Day 1


Bürgersaal - Rotenburg (Wümme), Germany

Attendance: 600

Pre Show:

- Freestyle Championship Wrestling presents: Mot van Kunder d. Bernd Föhr

- Deutsche Wrestling Allianz presents: Lazio Fee & Ken Mahler d. The German Suicide Squad (Craig B.C. & Machine)

- Flemish Wrestling Force presents:(FWF Heavyweight Title Match) Rob Raw d. Dr. Gangreen © to win the title!

- Catch Wrestling Norddeutschland presents: One Knight in Paris (Michael Knight & Pierre Le Prestee) d. Masterpiece Marsellus & Haero Magnusson

Main Show:

- Eugene d. Big Vito

- Karsten Kretschmer d. Doink

- Joe Legend d. Jim Powers

- Marty Jannetty d. Leon van Gasteren

- Demolition (Ax & Smash) d. Honky Tonk Man & Martin Nolte

- Tatanka d. Doug Williams


Wrestling Legends Tour 2009 - Day 2


Kulturhalle, Ochtendung, Germany

- SWO World Title Match: Eric Schwarz © d. Big Vito

- Marty Jannetty d. Martin Nolte

- Three Way Dance: The Honky Tonk Man d. Doink the Clown, Eugene

- Tatanka d. Jim Powers

- Tag Team Match: Joe Legend & Doug Williams d. Demolition (Ax & Smash)


Announced for "Wrestling Legends Tour 2010":

Ted DiBiase (Sr.), Virgil, Kevin Thorn, Shelly Martinez and Traci Brooks.

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German Stampede Wrestling - 'International Impact VI'


Hessenhallen, Giessen, Germany

Attendance: About 600

1) "Bad Bones" John Kay d. CW Anderson - Good opener. ***

2) 8-Man-Scramble-Match: Thumbtack Jack d. X-Dream, Jonny Storm, CorVus, Zack Sabre Jr., Emil Sitoci, Axeman & Ivan Kiev - A pretty good high-flying match with a lot of crazy spots. ***3/4

3) "The Anarchist" Doug Williams d. Elijah Burke - The weakest match of the night. It was just okay and nothing more. **1/2

4) GSW Ladies Championship - Sparta Death Match: Blue Nikita © d. Wesna - Match of the night and a legitimate match of the year contender. Just a tremendous match all-around. There were a lot of great spots with tables, ladders and chairs being used. ****1/2

5) GSW Tag Team Championship Match: Decent Society (Ahmed Chaer & Crazy Sexy Mike) © d. Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley) - Definately a good match. There were a lot of double-team moves in this. ***1/2

6) Ceremony of Violence Match: Absolute Andy d. Murat Bosporus, "The Monster" Abyss (Falls 2:1:1) - Murat was the heel while Abyss & Andy were the babyfaces. Just a great hardcore match. ****

7) GSW World Heavyweight & GSW Breakthrough Championship Match: "The Vision" Steve Douglas © d. "Obermacker" Michael Kovac © to win the GSW World Heavyweight Title - Yet another pretty good match. ***3/4

Overall this was a fantastic show, one of the best GSW's ever done. The only disappoiting match was Williams/Burke. The rest of the matches definately delivered, especially the women's match. By the way, Steve Corino & Bill Apter did the commentary for the DVD release.

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Steve Corino за горното шоу ^:

This GSW show was the best I have ever seen since I started working for them in 2004. From the first match to the last the crowd was super hot. In fact if you get the DVD (I think RFVideo.com will stock it) get it with the English commentary because you can hear the fun we are having calling the matches. From CW Anderson-John Kay to the 8 man scramble, Elijah (who became my favorite heel that night)-Doug Williams, the girls (more on that in a second), the tag title match, the Hardcore match with my old rival Absolute Andy, and then the main event which saw the crowd go from 95/5 for Kovac to almost 50/50 in 25 minutes was great.

My favorite match of the night had to be the women's match between Wesna and Blue Nikita (and that is not saying I didn't like any of the matches because they were all great) but this was just something crazy and special. I have known Wesna for years and she is up there on my list of the best women wrestlers in the world right behind Amazing Kong and in front of my sister Allison Danger (sorry kiddo, but know I am not your favorite guy wrestler either! LOL). This was my first chance to see Blue Nikita in person and she impressed me with her skills and ability to take punishment. These were no divas and rightfully so. These were fighters that gave each person their monies worth just on their match alone. God I wish we had foreign girls like this in Puerto Rico...

И айде, нека да има и резултати от последните две шоута на wXw:

Westside Xtreme Wrestling - 'Dead End IX'


Turbinenhalle, Oberhausen, Germany

wXw Dead End IX Alpha

- Dark Four Way Match: Farmer Joe d. Karsten Beck, Lazio Fe, SigMasta Rappo

- Bad Bones d. M-Dogg 20

- Big Van Walter d. Thumbtack Jack

- Adam Polak d. Carnage

- Doug Williams d. Jimmy Rave

- Sternau & Steve Douglas d. Absolute Andy & Don Jakobi

- Three Way Elimination Tag Team Match: The Thrillers (Joel Redman & Mark Haskins) d. The Catch Hoolz (Big Van Walter & Sha Samuels), Axeman & Zack Sabre Jr.

- wXw World Heavyweight Title Match: Bryan Danielson © d. Claudio Castagnoli

Westside Xtreme Wrestling - 'Dead End IX'


Turbinenhalle, Oberhausen, Germany

wXw Dead End IX Beta

- Dark Four Way Match: Sternau d. Farmer Joe, SigMasta Rappo & Bernd Fцhr via Half Nelson Suplex Hold on Fцhr

- The Thrillers (Haskins & Redman) d. The Embassy (Rave & Walters) via Flatliner by Haskins on Walters

- Karsten Beck d. Carnage via Beckrake

- Marc Roudin d. Matt Cross via rope-assisted horizontal cradle

- Steve Douglas d. Claudio Castagnoli via Sternau-assisted Jackknife Cradle

- Adam Polak & CatchHoolz (Walter & Samuels) d. T-Bones (TJ & Bones) & Lazio via Exploder (Samuels on Lazio) [bad Bones turned heel on TJ]

- World of Sports: Johnny Kidd d. Mark Haskins [2-1]

- wXw World Heavyweight Championship: Absolute Andy d. Bryan Danielson © via Sharpshooter to win the title!

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Участниците в тазгодишното издание на wXw 16 Carat Gold Tournament (един от топ турнирите в света, който тази година ще се проведе на 5, 6 и 7 март):

1. Kagetora

2. "Bad Bones" John Kay

3. Martin Stone

4. Claudio Castagnoli

5. Tommy End

6. Erick Stevens

7. Big van Walter

8. Daisuke Sekimoto

9a. Matt Jackson

9b. Nick Jackson

10. Ares

11. Adam Polak

12. Johnny Kidd

13. Munenori Sawa

14. Paul Tracey

15. Yuji Okabayashi

16. Chris Hero

Британската кеч легенда Johnny Kidd предизвика Claudio Castagnoli, така че сигурно това ще бъде един от мачоветe в първия кръг. Няма други обявени мачове от турнира.

Други кечисти, които ще участват в трите шоута, но не са в самия турнир:

= wXw World Tag Team шампионите Switchblade Conspiracy (Sami Callihan & Jon Moxley), които ще защитават титлите си още на първата вечер.

= Up In Smoke (Cheech & Cloudy) - опонентите на отборните шампиони.

= wXw World Heavyweight шампиона "The Vision" Steve Douglas, който ще защитава титлата си във No Disqualification Falls Count Anywhere мач на втората вечер от турнира.

= Absolute Andy - опонентът на Steve Douglas в гореспоменатия мач.

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Westside Xtreme Wrestling - 16 Carat Gold [Day One]

March 5th, 2010

Oberhausen, Germany

Attendance: 450

- Round 1: Ares d. Matt Jackson via Toblerone Driver

- Round 1: Munenori Sawa d. Paul Tracey via Octopus Hold

- Round 1: Martin Stone d. Yuji Okabayashi via DDT

- Round 1: Claudio Castagnoli d. Johnny Kidd via Horizontal Cradle

- Round 1: KAGETORA d. Tommy End & Nick Jackson via Flash FIsherman's Cradle on Jackson

- Round 1: Erick Stevens d. Adam Polak via Lariat

- wXw Tag Team Championship, Alternate Match: Switchblade Conspiracy (Jon Moxley & Sami Callihan, c) d. Up In Smoke (Cheech & Cloudy) via Big Splash (Sami on Cheech)

- Round 1: Big Van Walter d. Daisuke Sekimoto via Powerbomb

- Round 1: Chris Hero d. Bad Bones via Hangman's Elbow

Westside Xtreme Wrestling - 16 Carat Gold [Day Two]

March 6th, 2010

Oberhausen, Germany

Attendance: 520

- Round 2: Big Van Walter d. Munenori Sawa via Powerbomb

- Round 2: Erick Stevens d. KAGETORA via Doctor Bomb

- No. 1 Contenders for the wXw Tag Team Championship Elimination Match: The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) d. Up In Smoke (Cheech & Cloudy) & Crimson City Saga (Tommy End & Zack Sabre Jr.)

- wXw World Tag Team Championship: Switchblade Conspiracy (Sami Callihan & Jon Moxley) d. The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) via Glam Slam (Moxley on Nick) - 4th defense

- Paul Tracey d. Johnny Kidd via rope-assisted horizontal cradle

- No. 1 Contenders for the wXw Tag Team Championship: BJ Strong (Daisuke Sekimoto & Yuji Okabayashi) d. Oberhausen Terror Corps (Bad Bones & Carnage) via German Suplex Hold (Sekimoto on Carnage)

- Round 2: Ares d. Claudio Castagnoli via Piledriver

- Backstage Brawl: Karsten Beck d. K.OS via Lariat

- Round 2: Chris Hero d. Martin Stone via Hero's Welcome

- wXw World Heavyweight Championship - No DQ: Steve Douglas © d. Absolute Andy via crucifix cradle - 3rd defense

Westside Xtreme Wrestling - 16 Carat Gold [Day Three]

March 7th, 2010

Oberhausen, Germany

Attendance: 460

- 16 Carat Gold SemiFinal Match: Big Van Walter (w/Terry Frazier) d. Erick Stevens

- Oberhausen Terror Corps (Bad Bones & Carnage) d. Up In Smoke (Cheech & Cloudy)

- 16 Carat Gold SemiFinal Match: Chris Hero d. Ares

- World Of Sport Rules Match: Johnny Kidd d. Terry Frazier [2:1] - Round 5

- Four Way Dance: Claudio Castagnoli d. Kagetora, Paul Tracey, Tommy End

- wXw World Tag Team Titles Match: The Switchblade Conspiracy (Jon Moxley & Sami Callihan) © d. Daisuke Sekimoto & Yuji Okabayashi

- wXw World Lightweight Title Match: Zack Sabre Jr. © d. Munenori Sawa

- Nick Jackson d. Matt Jackson

- 16 Carat Gold Final Match: Big Van Walter (w/Terry Frazier) d. Chris Hero to win the 16 Carat Gold 2010 Tournament!

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