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ROH 12/29 Results from Manhattan Center/ROH Final Battle 2007 Results


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ROH Rising Above Results

12/29/07 - New York, NY

1. Daizee Haze defeated Sara Del Ray and Lacey, pinning Lacey.

2. Delirious defeated Brent Albright with a roll-up.

3. Tag Team Scramble Match: Kevin Steen and El Generico defeated Ruckus and Jack Evans, Jimmy Jacobs and Tyler Black & BJ Whitmer and Adam Pearce following the Package Piledriver/Brainbuster combo on Tyler Black.

4. Davey Richards defeated Erick Stevens via submission following a distraction from Daniel Puder.

5. If Castagnoli Loses Larry Sweeney Gets His ROH Contract: Claudio Castagnoli defeated Chris Hero following the Ricola Bomb.

6. ROH World Title Match: Nigel McGuinness defeated Austin Aries to retain the ROH World Title following the Jawbreaker Lariat.


7. Four Way Fray Match: The Necro Butcher defeated Jigsaw, Matt Cross and Mitch Franklin.

a) The Necro Butcher eliminated Mitch Franklin following a punch to the face.

B) Jigsaw eliminated Matt Cross with a roll-up.

c) The Necro Butcher eliminated Jigsaw following a Tiger Driver.

8. Bryan Danielson defeated Takeshi Morishima via disqualification due to violence against the referee.

9. ROH World Tag Team Title Best 2 Out Of 3 Falls Match: Jay Briscoe and Mark Briscoe defeated Roderick Strong and Rocky Romero with a score of 2-1 to retain the ROH World Tag Team Titles.

a) Roderick Strong and Rocky Romero win Fall #1 following the Gibson Driver.

B) Jay Briscoe and Mark Briscoe win Fall #2 with a roll-up.

c) Jay and Mark Briscoe win Fall #3 following the Spike Jay Driller.

10. Naomichi Marufuji defeated Claudio Castagnoli.


-Daniel Puder is up in the balcony wearing a suit, with an apparent knockout of a female companion, talking with ROH representatives.

-ROH asked for a family-friendly atmosphere for the pay-per-view taping, which the crowd shot down with profane chants.

-The opening contest is a non-PPV match-up. Sunny was the special guest for the bout. Post-match, Lacey badmouthed Sunny and attempted to attack her but was heart-punched by Haze and slapped by Sunny.

-Bushwacker Luke was the guest time-keeper for the evening, but was beatdown by The Hangmen 3.

-Delirious vs. Albright is kicking off the pay-per-view portion of the evening. Delirious is sporting new black and red attire. Albright wore the mask of Delirious that the Hangmen 3 took in Chicago, but Delirious eventually removed it from him.

-Following Delirious/Albright, The Hangmen jumped Delirious leading to Kevin Steen and El Generico making the save, leading To The Age Of The Fall coming out and Jimmy Jacobs cutting a promo which was interrupted by The Vulture Squad, all cumulating in the start of the Tag Team Scramble Match. The match-up was said to be extremely fast-paced and action-packed the entire way through.

-During Richards vs. Stevens, Daniel Puder and Erick Stevens were constantly talking shit to each other throughout the course of the match. Post-match, Stevens challenges Puder but Larry Sweeney hits the stage to put a stop to that. He tells Puder not to do anything for free and to go to the back to negotiate. Claudio Castagnoli runs Sweeney off the stage and into the ring, leading to his bout against Chris Hero.

-Chris Hero is rocking new gear for his match. Claudio keeps his job in ROH via winning. Post-match, Hero and Tank Toland slap around bobby Dempsey.

-Both men in the ROH World Title match are bleeding. Nigel was cut open by the top of one of the metal guradrail signs and Aries is bleeding from the nose. The match was said to be absolutely phenomenal and a Match of the Year Candidate. Post-match, Aries refused to shake McGuinness' hand.

-Danielson/Morishima is "relaxed rules" and Danielson started bleeding heavily early on in the match. Morishima ended up giving referee Bryce Remsburg a Backdrop Driver. After the match Danielson and Morishima continued to brawl.

-The No Remorse Corps ended the "2 straight falls" streak of the Briscoes. The match was said to be really good, but both teams began to run out of steam near the end.

-After the main event, Sweet and Sour Inc. along with Daniel Puder attacked Claudio and were joined by the No Remose Corps. Erick Stevens attempted to make the save but failed leading to the Vulture Squad running the heel squadron off and Julius Smokes cutting a promo, putting over ROH to end the show.

ROH Results from PPV taping in NYC:

*Daizee Haze defeated SHIMMER champion Sara del Ray and Lacey in a non-title Three-Way match when Haze pinned Lacey. Tammy Sytch came out before the match saying she came to see some quality women's wrestling. After the bout, Sytch lauded the women on the mic and Lacey took the mic and ripped apart Sytch saying she did nothing to help women in the business and the only wrestling matches she ever had were in the hotel room with the boys. Sytch went back at her and Lacey went to attack her. Daizee got involved and Sytch nailed Lacey, knocking her out of the ring.

*Dave Prazak introduced guest timekeeper Bushwhacker Luke Williams. Luke got a huge ovation, right down to the crowd doing the Bushwacker march. Adam Pearce and Brent Abright attacked him and laid him out.

*The PPV, titled Rising Above, opened with Pearce and Albright in the center of the ring. They prevented Dave Prazak and Lenny Leonard's introduction of the PPV. Pearce said he was here to address Delirious. Pearce said Delirious tried to gnaw his ear off at the PPV and signed his death warrant in the process. He challenged Delirious to come out and face Brent Albright.....

Delirious caught Albright with a small package for the pin. Albright wore the Delirious mask the Hangmen stole to mock him. Delirious came out wearing a new red tinged outfit. He blew mist in Pearce's face. After the pin, The Hangmen attacked Delirious. Kevin Steen and El Generico hit the ring for the save and all six began brawling around the ring.....

The Age of the Fall came out and Jimmy Jacobs cut a promo in the middle of the the brawl. This led to the Vulture Squad clearing the ring and Julis Smokes challenging for a tag team, four way Scramble Match right there....

*In an awesome Scramble match, Kevin Steen & El Generico defeated Adam Pearce & BJ Whitmer, Jack Evans & Ruckus and Jimmy Jacobs & Tyler Black. This was an insane off the charts cluster of high impact and aerial moves. It may have even been the best Scramble in company history.

*Daniel Puder and a companion were placed in seats on the stage.

*Davey Richards forced Erick Stevens to tap out with a keylock. Stevens, in the ring, had words with Puder on the stage during the bout. That distraction allowed Richards to nail Stevens with a missile dropkick to set up the finish. The crowd chanted, "F*** you Puder" and "You can't wrestle." Stevens took the mic and asked him where he gets off. He said Puder may have credentials but this is ROH and he hasn't proven anything to Stevens or the ROH fans. The crowd chanted "You're not Tough Enough." He told Puder that if he wanted to go, just hop the rail.

Puder got up but Larry Sweeney came out to the stage and introduced himself to Puder. He invited Puder backstage to Sweet N Sour Inc.'s private locker room to watch the rest of the show without being surrounded by fans. Puder left with Sara Del Ray to head backstage.

Sweeney kept talking saying that when his man Chris Hero beats Claudio Castagnoli tonight, Sweeney would own Claudio's contract and once ge gets it, he's selling it to Vince like he did Matt Sydal. Claudio chased him to the ring. Tank Toland and Bobby Dempsey attacked Claudio but he fought them off, then went back after Sweeney. Hero attacked him, setting off their match, which Claudio won with a sitdown powerbomb. It was a good match.

ROH champion Nigel McGuinness pinned Austin Aries in an amazing bout. Nigel seemed thrown off by the crowd ragging on him and was teasing a slight heel turn. He went outside and while his back was facing away from the ring, Aries nailed a tope suicida out of the ring. Nigel hit his face on the railing, busting open his eyebrow and nose hardway. There were a lot of snug shots and MMA inspired striking in the guard. Nigel drilled Aries with a lariat. Aries dropkicked Nigel to the floor while he was attempting a handstand in the corner. Aries went for a tope suicida but was caught by a Nigel forearm then hit with a stunner to the floor off the apron. McGuinness nailed a lariat for a two count. Aries attacked Nigel's bad shoulder then drilled a missile dropkick from the top. Aries charged towards Nigel in the corner but was caught with a big boot. McGuinness went for the rebound lariat but Aries nailed him and splashed him to the floor. They battled on the floor. Aries ravaged Nigel with elbow strikes in the corner. He went for a brainbuster but McGuinness reversed it and crotched him on the top rope. McGuinness nailed Aries with a lariat sending Aries to the floor taking an insane 360 bump. They battled on the floor with Aries dropping Nigel's bad shoulder on the railing. Aries worked over Nigel and hit a brainbuster. He went for the 450 but Nigel got his knees up. Aries came back with another brainbuster and submission attempt. They went crazy with back and forth slaps and strikes. Nigel finally caught Aries with a rebound lariat for the pin. Insanely awesome match.

We are now at intermission.

Necro Butcher was victorious In a Four Way Fray. Necro Butcher nailed a knockout punch then pinned Mitch Franklin. Jigsaw pinned Cross with a bridged rollup. Necro nailed Jigsaw with a knockout punch then hit a sitdown powerbomb for the pin.

*In a PPV match, Bryan Danielson defeated Takeshi Morishima in a bout with "relaxed rules." Morishima attacked Danielson as he came down the aisle and beat him outside, bloodying him by throwing him into the barrier. Morishima decimated Danielson early. Danielson came back with a fiery comeback but was cut off with an insane lariat. He nailed a backdrop driver and a lariat but Danielson got his shoulder up at two. Morishima began kicking Danielson low and when the referee stepped in, Morishima shoved him down. They DQ'd Morishima. Morishima laid out the referee with a backdrop driver. Officials hit the ring to pull Morishima off. Danielson grabbed the timekeeper's hammer and went after Morishima's eye with it.

In a Best of Three Falls bout, ROH Tag Team champions The Briscoes defeated Roderick Strong and Rocky Romero.

Naomichi Marufuji pinned Claudio Castagnoli. Sweet N Sour Inc attacked Claudio. He fought them off. Daniel Puder hit the ring and laid out Claudio with a leglock. Erick Stevens hit the ring and faced off with Puder. Davey Richards and Roderick Strong beats down Stevens. They went to nail Stevens with the FIP belt but the Vulture Squad hit the ring and laid them out. The show ended with Julius Smokes cutting a promo to lead a ROH chant.

Явно се е получило поредното супер яко шоу.Така като гледам Tag team scramble-а и Aries vs. Nigel са били мачовете на вечерта.Тази вечер е Final Battle и утре ще пусна и резултатите от него. :)

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е еееееех, Даниелсън и Шима вече втори пореден мач правят DQ.... Ring of DQ *тъпо човече* твърде много ентъртейнинг действия в последно време. Не че е лошо по начало, просто не е присъщо тъкмо за ROH. И тези scramble-и също ми се струват твърде indy и неподходящи за ROH. НЕ ЧЕ ROH не са имали някои от най-бесните спотфестове в последните години, но все пак - те правят един и същи спотфест с всичките скокове, циркови изпълнения и т.н. на абсолютно всяко шоу, което ми навява еднообразие. И пак казвам - няма лошо в scramble мачовете, спотфест лудници и т.н. , но те трябва да са в премерен размер. Колкото до Ейрис/Найджъл - този мач го градиха солидно и дълго, което ефектира твърде негативно качеството на едно две шоута(познайте, че не съм най-щастливия човек на планетата заради това...), но все пак - щом рецензиите са толкова добри, нека тъй да бъде! Колкото до Найджъл - Гейб се осра този път и букна шампиона си да се ПРЕДАДЕ във втория тайтъл дифенс, което само по себе си му уби целия хийт, който по принцип леко хлабчеше тук-таме. Тъй че - адмирирам частичния търн на МакГинес, дори го приемам със задоволство, тъй като, съгласете се с мен, хийл Найджъл удря в земята фейс Найджъл, с всичките мръсни трикове, английски подлости и прочие. Ако има завръщане на легендарната ютия, ще бъде могъщ марк-аут! Както и да е, все пак пълен хийл търн трудно би станал в случая на МакГинес в скоро време, защото вече си има насрочен мач(и то в ЦЯЛА клетка, забележете) в Дейтън за януари(или февруали, не помня)с Хироу, а двоен търн е малко вероятен. ППВ-то ми се струва... средна работа без Ейрис/Найджъл, нито по-горе, нито по-долу. Бтв, Некро с/у Армия от Летящи Фенски Хай-Флайъри е последният, ама последният мач, който бих хвърлил за ППВ, дано този не участва в тейпинга, а това сигурно ще бъде така, като се има предвид, че има един тейпнат мач от Охайо на NRC с/у Бриско Брос.

Като край на този крайно критичен пост искам да добавя, че на моменти днешната продукция на РОХ ме втрещява. Като се загледаш в няколко шоута от 05, случващи се в същата времева рамка(края на годината)можеш да откриеш колко по-солидна и уникална беше продукцията на РОХ преди 2-3 години. Вече едвам успявам доизнамерям аргументи в защита на това, че смисъла на ROH още съществува въобще(пребройте колко пъти ще видите стискане на ръце в РОХ шоу днес и преди година или две. Казвам го не като детайлно издребняване, а като събирателен образ на РОХ). Искам освен това да добавя, че съм ЗА това в РОХ да се пробутат нови свежи лица(там, Джигсоу, Ръкъс, Стивънс и все в тоя дух) и други инди-маниаци, но съм крайно против неща като настоящия образ на Крис Хироу, например. АЗ съм си един хард-тайм РОХ марк, никога не съм твърдял противното, но образа на Хироу в настоящия момент е достоен за ТНА 2007! РОХ определено не са това, което бяха преди време. Но на кой му дреме...

[color="#990000"]HAIL SABIN[/color]

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Ring of Honor Final Battle 2007 Results from NYC:

*Bobby Dempsey, who was super over, pinned Mitch Franklin.

*Jigsaw and Ruckus defeated Bobby Fish and Matt Cross in a fun opener.

*Larry Sweeney, who unsuccessfully tried to get out of the match, pinned Claudio Castagnoli after Daniel Puder laid out Sweeney's bad leg. Tank Toland tried to finish the job but was nailed with Ricola Bomb.

*Jack Evans pinned the Necro Butcher in a No DQ Match. Mercedes Martinez debuted, attacking Lacey, which allowed Evans to roll up Butcher. Really fun match including Evans hitting a sunset flip powerbomb off the apron to the floor and Butcher giving Evans a backbreaker across two back to back chairs facing away from each other. Martinez is the newest member of the Vulture Squad.

*In an excellent back and forth wrestling match, Naomichi Marufuji pinned Davey Richards with sliced bread #2. Richards hit an incredible dive out of the ring, taking out Marufuji and landing in the third row. Awesome stuff.

*Dave Prazak and Lenny Leonard filmed an opening for a ROH Videowire.

*In a No DQ Tables Are Legal Match, The Hangmen Three defeated Kevin Steen & El Generico & Delirious when Adam Pearce hit a piledriver off a table placed in the top turnbuckle through a tabke on Delirious. Luke Williams hit the ring and did the Bushwhackers battering ram with Delirious and did the march around the ring with all the babyfaces. Pelle Primeau returned from injuries sustained at the hands of the Hangmen Three to hit a top rope Frankensteiner through a table on Shane Hagadorn. The Hangmen drilled Steen and Generico with spike piledrivers after the match.

*Rocky Romero defeated Ernie Osyris via tapout.

*ROH champion Nigel McGuinness came out and cut a promo saying he doesn't remember his match last night and teased forfeiting the belt. He then said he was keeping the belt because of the fans who supported him and understand his sacrifices and in spite of the fans who don't understand.

*Erick Stevens pinned Roderick Strong to win the FIP championship.

*In a Four Way to determine the top contender to the ROH title, Bryan Danielson defeated Austin Aries via submission in a bout that also featured Takeshi Morishima and Chris Hero. Eliminations saw All three pin Morishima. Aries pinned Hero. Awesome bout.

*The Age of The Fall, Tyler Black and Jimmy Jacobs defeated ROH Tag Team champions The Briscoes to win the belts in an excellent match.

Пълна лудница!New tag team champs,baby!!!!Именно за това Final Battle ми е любимото ROH show,защото вианги стават изненадващи неща.Не е истина колко се кефя на Tyler Black.Сега очаквам враждата им с Briscoes да стане още по-голяма лудница.Отделно Bryan Danielson е взел no one contendership-а,което значи че ще го видим в нова класика с Nigel в скоро време.ERIC STEVENS RULZZZ!Как се кефя,че успя да вземе титлата от Strong!Страхотна награда за него заради невероятните мачове и историй в които участваше през 2007 година.NO DQ мача също е бил лудница!Като цяло това шоу май е било по яко от PPV-то,но все пак ще видим когато излязат. :)

И да кажа нещо за мнението на BigEvil.Според мен 2007 беше най-добрата година за ROH.Много добри вражди и страхотен booking.Да започнем от началото.Mori става шампион и започва дълъг и логичен reign,който блести със страхотни мачове и добри историй като тази с Dragon и Nigel.Още от началото беше логично Nigel да вземе титлата и той го направи.Отделно имахме Kevin Steen & El Generico vs. Briscoes,което си беше най-добрата вражда в ROH за тази година,а и не само.Имахме невероятни мачове между двата отбора и естествено уникален завършех с Ladder war-а на MAN UP.Имахме и No Remorse Corps vs. The Resilience,което си е луда вражда.Продължение на враждата между Claudio и Hero.Отделно виж колко нови stable-а има в ROH като Sweet 'n' Sour,Hangmen Three,този на Evans/Ruckus/Smokes (забравих му името :D ) Отделно от това имахме няколко кечиста които през годината от midcarder-и се превърнаха в едни от най-важните играчи в ROH като Eric Stevens,Matt Cross,Rocky Romero,Davey Richards и други.Та както казах за мен 2007 година беше страхотна година за ROH и просто не виждам как един roh mark може да не я хареса.Да,вярно беше малко по различно от други години,но в моите очи тази разлика е положителна.

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