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IGF Genome 2 - 20 декември 2007


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IGF Genome 2 12/20/2007

Ariake Colosseum in Tokyo

1. AJ Styles beat Senshi (12:51) with the Styles Clash

2. Amazon Blade beat Atsushi Sawada (2:47) via KO

3. Kazuhiro Hamanaka beat Danny Iguazu (2:53) with an arm lock

4. Chris Moore (Chris Masters) beat Ryuji Yanagisawa (5:46) when Yanagisawa was in the Masterlock and the ref stopped the match

5. Taka Kunou beat Jan Nortje (5:09) via submission (the results say foot choke, whatever that may be)

6. "Hitokui" Yoshiki Takahashi beat Michiyoshi Ohara (7:11) via TKO

7. Josh Barnett beat Montanha Silva (5:04) with the Gotch Special

8. Kurt Angle beat Mr X (Kendo Kashin) (9:52) with an Angle Lock

9. Tadao Yasuda beat Rene Rooze (3:23) via TKO

10. Naoya Ogawa beat Tadao Yasuda (8:39) with an STO

Oсновните мачове са пуснати в Медия раздела.

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Определено мачовете на Angle и Styles ще се гледат,а за другите ще видим. :) Може и да дръпна този на Masters,който ми изглежда доста позагубил форма и понапълнял.

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