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411's Hatton vs. Mayweather Blog Report 12.08.07

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Рамон Аранда представя цялата вечер .За мое съжаление Рики Хатън е спечелил само първия рунд,но не мога да кажа,че победителя ме изненада(добре де mindfreak позна твойта кожа :D )

Ако някой знае как да качи и снимките да заповяда статията е от 411мания-спортния раздел.

Чудя се какво ли ще напише Хаузър в неговия сайт за мача...

12:20 PM: I've just picked up my media credentials. There's going to be a lot of activity going on in the next few hours. The MGM Grand is already buzzing and the atmosphere feels unlike anything I've felt before.

5:38 PM: I have settled into the arena and the fans are beginning to file in. The MGM's Ballroom is also sold out and completely packed for the closed circuit broadcast of the event. The last of the un televised undercard fights are being shown and it is Ricky's younger brother Matthew Hatton who is in the 6th round of his bout.

5:45 PM: Matthew Hatton has just won by unanimous decision.

5:47 PM: Ricky Hatton has just entered the arena to cheers from the fans who are watching monitors.

6:00 PM : Hello fight fans the PPV has now gone LIVE. The first bout will be Edner Cherry vs. Wes Furgeson. It's jam packed inside the MGM and the arena is slowing starting to fill.


Edner Cherry vs. Wes Furgeson

10 Rounds - Lightweight

(This is the only fight of the card that I will not be doing a round by round update)

6:22 PM: After three rounds, I have Furgeson ahead winning every round. Furgeson has been the busier of the two and his demonstrating impressive hand speed.

6:30 PM: Cherry landed a hard left hook while Furgeson had his head turned and Furgeson goes down. He gets up and seems ok but cherry goes on the attack and is having a big round. Cherry lands another counter left hook and Furgeson crashes to the canvas. He is out on his feet and the fight is stopped.

Furgeson looks in bad shape and is likely to take quite a bit of time to recover physically as well as mentally.

Winner: Edner Cherry via 6th round TKO.


(The round by round blog begins now)

Daniel Ponce De Leon (33-1, 30 KOs) vs. Eduardo Escobedo (20-2, 14 KOs)

12 Rounds WBO Junior Featherweight Title Bout

6:43 PM: Both fighters are now in the ring and they are being announced

Round 1: both fighters are feeling each other out but Ponce De Leon is the busier of the two and wins the round based on higher activity.

10-9 Ponce De Leon

Round 2: Daniel has a better round as he appears to feel that Escobedo wont offer too much of a problem. Ponce De Leon works the body on the inside and continues to issue a high punch output.

20-18 Ponce De Leon

Round 3: Escobedo is allowing Ponce De Leon to punch to the body at will. Daniel continues to come forward and is getting the better of the exchanges. Escobedo finally begins to attack but still takes too many punches from Ponce De Leon.

30-27 Ponce De Leon

Round 4: A closer round as Escobedo is finally punching back. They trade for a few spurts in the center of the ring but Escobedo is still a little too wild. Ponce De Leon continues to invest in the body attack.

40-36 Ponce De Leon

(Hatton is shown relaxing in his dressing room)

Round 5: Escobedo is now starting to work to the body while trying to counter Ponce De Leon's jab with his own jab and is having success. Some rough house tactics on the inside as Daniel also works to the left side of the body. Close round that likely goes to Daniel.

50-45 Ponce De Leon

Round 6: Whether he feels he can take Ponce De Leon's punches or not, Escobedo is building up confidence and even showboats a little. He is countering Daniel's lab fairly well and is now trading just as well. Good round for Eduardo.

59-55 Ponce De Leon

(Mayweather is shown hanging out in the locker room watching the fight with his children.)

Round 7: Ponce De Leon is putting pressure on Escobedo but is finding a tougher challenge in front of him. Daniel is warned for hitting on the back of the head while Eduardo bends down. Escobedo lands the best punch of the round as he pushes Ponce De Leon back towards the ropes.

68-65 Ponce De Leon

Round 8: Ponce De Leon is back on the offensive as he stalks Escobedo around the ring who is possibly a little tired now. Ponce De Leon's body attack continues to control most of these rounds and now his lead right hand is landing with more regularity. Daniel also took a good left hook but shook it off.

78-74 Ponce De Leon

Round 9: Daniel is on his feet bouncing in and out while landing one-two combinations that are frustrating Escobedo. Easily one of Daniel's best rounds. Escobedo continues to back up and getting hit with straight lefts.

88-83 Ponce De Leon

Round 10: Escobedo tries to come back from his previous lackadaisical round by imploring more offense. Daniel however is landing the harder blows and Escobedo seems to be unable to avoid the big shots. Ponce De Leon lands a few hard uppercuts that keeps Escobedo on his heels.

98-92 Ponce De Leon

(Hatton is shown shadowboxing in the dressing room and the fans erupt. I can't tell you how loud it gets in the arena when Hatton is shown on the monitors. The buzz is incredible in the arena.)

Round 11: Much of the same as Ponce De Leon controls the action with a few spurts of activity from Escobedo. It appears like Eduardo has all but realized that he has lost the bout and is trying to simply stay competitive.

108-102 Ponce De Leon

Round 12: Escobedo falls to one knee early in the round but is rightfully called a slip. They trade in the center of the ring but when they go back to boxing, Escobedo backs away and allows Ponce De Leon to wing away even if he doesn't land anything significant.

118-112 Ponce De Leon

The scores are as 115-113, 117-111, 118-110: all three for the winner by unanimous decision, Daniel Ponce De Leon.

Winner: Daniel Ponce De Leon via 12-round unanimous decision.

(The crowd begins to chant again for Hatton and the British band begins playing. It feels like a soccer game in here with the crowd completely in support for "The Hitman".)

Next up: Lacy vs. Manfredo

Jeff Lacy (22-1, 17 KOs) vs. Peter Manfredo (28-4, 14 KOs)

12-Rounds - Super Middleweight

Round 1: A slow round with both guys just trying to feel each other out. As the action is slow, the fans begin to sing for Ricky Hatton once again.

10-9 Lacy

Round 2: Another slowish round but Manfredo tries to stick and move. He lands one or two punches and slides to Lacy's right which appears effective as of now. Lacy is using his jab and is throwing big left hooks to the body to follow it up.

19-19 Even

(The monitor shows referee Joe Cortez issuing instructions to the Hatton camp. The arena is really filling up now and most seats have been accounted for. A lot of people drinking and having a good time; gotta love it!)

Round 3: A better round as both fighters are settling in with their gameplan. Lacy is working to the body and using his jab while Manfredo throws rapid combinations that give Lacy problems. Manfredo gets the nod here.

29-28 Manfredo

Round 4: They begin the round going right after each other in the middle of the ring. Manfredo seems more willing to trade now as he has stopped moving around the ring and is going toe to toe. Lacy lands a big right hand midway through one of the exchanges early on and Manfredo goes down. It seemed to be more of Manfredo being off-balance but the punch landed cleanly. Manfredo is up at the count of 4 and gets right back to fighting on the inside. Manfredo should be using his speed as he did in the first three rounds to stick and move but is being dragged into a brawl which works to Lacy's advantage. Lacy using his strength on the inside to land and hooks and uppercuts. Good fight here gents!

38-37 Lacy

Round 5: A close round here with Manfredo getting himself back into the fight. He slugs it out early with Lacy but tries to box again in the second half of the round. Lacy is still landing the more damaging blows and has Manfredo's face looking a little rosy now. Manfredo better get back on his horse now or it's going to be a long night.

48-46 Lacy

Round 6: Jeff Lacy is now starting to cut off the ring in hopes that he can stop Manfredo from using the entire ring. so far its working and he is getting to Manfredo with hard combinations. Not sure if Manfredo is tiring out already or if his will is breaking down. Manfredo for his part is still being competitive and shooting off quick punches.

58-55 Lacy

(Mayweather is now on his toes and is shadowboxing in his locker room. The crowd is not happy about it though Floyd simply smiles for the cameras. Hatton is jumping around side to side building up a sweat in the back as well and the arena goes nuts. Is this a Manchester United game or a boxing event? lol. Good stuff as the fans are really into the PPV and everyone is enjoying themselves. Quite the friendly atmosphere...for now.)

Round 7: Manfredo continues to fight on the inside for some reason. Perhaps he feels that Lacy isn't punching hard enough for him to worry but he is getting outpunched. Lacy is growing stronger as the fight goes on. Lacy seems to be in control right now. Though Manfredo's tries to move around, his legs seem tired and he doesn't have the same bounce he had early on.

68-64 Lacy

Round 8: Manfredo doesn't have the fire he had early on and is now clearly tired. Lacy is the more active fighter now moving around the ring and throwing blistering combinations to the head and body of Manfredo. Manfredo is still trying to use the jab and work the body but has slowed down some and doesn't seem to be doing any damage.

78-72 Lacy

Round 9: A closer round now that Manfredo is slipping some of Lacy's punches. Lacy is still working on the inside but a clash of heads slows him down and a cut opens above his left eye. Manfredo now picking up the pace landing one-two combos and wins the round convincingly. One more round to go.

87-82 Lacy

Round 10: A good round for Manfredo who takes advantage of a tiring Lacy to push him along the ropes while throwing combinations.

96-92 Lacy

The scores are 95-94, 96-93, 97-92, all for Jeff Lacy.

Winner: Jeff Lacy wins by unanimous decision

(Now we all wait impatiently for the main event which should begin in about 15 min)

8:29 PM: The crowd is going bananas as they show clips of Mayweather/Hatton 24/7. The electricity is running through the air and everyone is ready to rock.

"There's only 1 Ricky Hatton,

Only 1 Ricky Hatton,

We're walking along,

Singing along,

Walking in a Hatton wonderland!"

8:34 PM: Boy it's getting loud in here lol. You'd think it was the World Cup and quite frankly, it is for boxing tonight. Now they're chanting "God Save the Queen" song.

8:35 PM: Tom Jones is out now as he sings the English national anthem.

8:38 PM: Tyrese sings the U.S. national anthem.

England wins this one >_<

8:43 PM: The camera now pans out to show off the stars in attendance. Will Ferrell and Shane Mosley get the biggest pops.

8:44 PM: Ricky Hatton makes his way out to the ring to the usual tune of "Blue Moon" wearing his traditional teal and black trunks.

:45 PM: Floyd Mayweather hits the ring. No fancy outfit, no rappers; Floyd means business. He walks to the ring to Bruce Springsteen's "Born in the USA". Michael Buffer is making the introductions.


8:49 PM: The two meet in the center of the ring. It's on folks!


Floyd Mayweather Jr. (38-0, 24 KOs) vs. Ricky Hatton (43-0, 31 KOs)

12-Rounds WBC and The Ring World Welterweight Championship

Round 1: Hatton goes right after Mayweather at the start of the round. Floyd tries to box from the outside and paw with the jab but Hatton is not going to let him move around so freely. Hatton lands body shots and hooks to the head while Mayweather lands various straight right hands. Caught off balance, Mayweather is hit with a shot to the top of the head that nearly floors him but is ok. Hatton is not letting Mayweather breathe as promised and is showing off very good hand speed. Floyd is not rattled but loses the round.

10-9 Hatton

Round 2: Hatton is not letting up as he mauls Floyd against the ropes. He is smartly using the jab to get on the inside though Mayweather has a better round by jabbing and landing the quicker and more accurate punches despite being less active. Joe Cortez issues a warning to both fighters to keep it clean.

19-19 Even

Round 3: Floyd Mayweather is now slipping loads of punches and though Hatton is putting on the pressure, Mayweather is being more effective. A left hook by Floyd opens up a cut over Hatton's right eye. Looks like his elbow kind of touched it too.

29-28 Mayweather

(The arena is literally shaking as am I.)

Round 4: Mayweather seems to be figuring Hatton out right now and looks much more comfortable. Floyd lands the best punches of the round when two right crosses snap Hatton's head backwards. Hatton still goes to the body but his clinching on the inside.

39-37 Mayweather

Round 5: Hatton seems a bit frustrated right now and tired. He's throwing more punches than Floyd still but they are being deflected more effectively now. Close round to score but Mayweather is in control.

49-46 Mayweather

Round 6: Mayweather's left hooks are starting to land more often now and Hatton's face is busting up. Hatton mauls Mayweather along the ropes and as Mayweather turns his head, Hatton lands two rabbit punches (punches to the back of the head). Referee Joe Cortez takes a point away from Hatton for the foul which seems harsh at this juncture of the fight. After the call, Hatton bends over in frustration as if to say, "You're f*cking me over right now." Floyd laughs it off before pot-shotting Hatton for the remainder of the round.

59-54 Mayweather

Round 7: Another good round for Mayweather. He is really showing his boxing savvy and ring generalship. Mayweather is a second half fighter so Hatton will have to find a way to wear him down if he wants to have a shot.

69-63 Mayweather

Round 8: This was a brutal round for Hatton. Mayweather punishes Hatton throughout this round with hooks and uppercuts. The body attack from Floyd is now starting to take effect as Hatton is getting slow. At one point, Mayweather gets Hatton in the corner and bombs away. Hatton takes hard shots to the head that snap his head back violently. I thought it was going to get stopped but Hatton fights back to end the round.

79-72 Mayweather

Round 9: Another good round for Floyd who is now showboating. Hatton swings wildly at Mayweather but Floyd ducks and moves making Hatton look like a second-tier fighter. Hatton is definitely trying though but has no luck in round 9. Ricky needs a knockout.

89-81 Mayweather

Round 10: The fans cheer on Hatton to get his stuff together but Floyd is landing at will now. Hatton goes for a hook and a lightning quick hook from Mayweather and Hatton is DOWN! Hatton slowly gets up at the count of 6 but looks hurt. Mayweather goes for the kill and lands merciless punches. As Joe Cortez appears to be on the verge of stopping it, Floyd lands a devastating hook and HATTON IS DOWN AGAIN! He looks hurt!

Knockdown #1

The fight is stopped while Hatton is on the canvas. WOW!!!

The fans still cheer their man for showing his heart, but Mayweather has knocked out Ricky Hatton in incredible fashion.

Winner: Floyd Mayweather via 10th round TKO.

What an unbelievable performance by "Pretty Boy" Floyd!

After the fight, Floyd thanks God for the victory. He gives credit to Hatton for fighting his heart out and thanks Oscar De La Hoya for helping put together the fight. Mayweather says that Hatton is a hell of a fighter and that he is still a champion in his heart.

Hatton's admits that Floyd was extremely clever and he expected him to move away more than he did. He gives Floyd his props for coming to fight and staying in front of him. Hatton thanks all of his fans for coming out to see him. Regarding his future, he says that after this fight, he'll need some time to figure it out.


I want to thank all of you for tuning into 411mania for our LIVE coverage of "Undefeated" from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.

9:33 PM: I'll be moving into the press conference room so stay tuned for coverage of the post-fight conference in about 20 minutes.

9:41 PM: Settling into the conference room as Hatton is just leaving the ring.

10:09 PM: The conference room is packed as everyone waits for the fighters to make their way in. Floyd's sister is outside telling the fans that her brother is #1. Funny stuff as some Brits get a little upset. One fan, wrapped around his English flag almost gets in her face before she saves face by saying that Ricky is also a good fighter. LOL.

10:18 PM: Still awaiting the fighters though Peter Manfredo is now sitting in his seat. I'm sitting and chatting with the mother of one of Floyd Mayweather's daughters.

10:31 PM: De La Hoya is out and tells the media that there should no longer be any questions about who the best fighter in the world pound for pound is (referring to Manny Pacquiao also laying claim). Bernard Hopkins also speaks and says that you can't hate on Floyd and issue any excuses. The bottom line is that Mayweather is the best fighter and even goes on to say that Floyd is the best fighter of his own era, including Hopkins himself.

10:36 PM: Peter Manfredo takes the stage and thanks the fans for his support. I asked Peter what was next for him and he said that he now wants to spend Christmas with his family. He said he'd take it one day at a time before regrouping and looking towards his next bout. He mentioned that he wasn't sure how Jeff Lacy got cut in the fight but said it could have been from a clash of heads.

10:38 PM: Sugar Ray Leonard makes a few remarks and asks us what we thought about the British fans reacting so negatively to the U.S. national anthem. Bernard Hopkins then briefly took the mic and said that he would take care of things next March against Joe Calzaghe. We're then informed that the fight will be replayed next Saturday night on HBO.

10:45 PM: Richard Schafer from Golden Boy Promotions mentions that the fight between Hopkins and Calzaghe is almost done and is awaiting word from Frank Warren (Calzaghe's promoter) on whether they accept.

10:48 PM: Floyd Mayweather hits the stage. He is happy and says his many thanks to the media, the fans and the promoters for getting the fight done.

11:00 PM: "I was doing pretty well until I f*cking slipped." - Ricky Hatton. Classic!

11:01 PM: He thanks everyone for their support and promises to be back. He said he thought he was doing pretty well through round 5 but after having the point taken away for the rabbit punch, he felt he had to step on the gas and that left himself open to counterpunches.

Floyd Mayweather answered questions regarding his future. Floyd mentioned that he is bored with the sport and isn't sure if he plans to come back. He wants to spend time with his family and think really hard about what he'll do next. This could possibly be his last bout.


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Oчаквах много повече.Системата отчита ли поръчките от Англия понеже там бяха пощурели на тема Рики и ми се струва нереално ниско числото..


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