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The Ultimate Fighter 6 Finale

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Promotion: UFC

Date: 8th December

Venue: Pearl at the Palms

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Main Event


Clay Guida (22-8) vs. Roger Huerta (19-1)

Main card (televised)

Mac Danzig (16-4) vs. Tommy Speer (9-1) - TUF 6 Welterweight Finals

Jared Rollins (5-3) vs. John "War Machine" Koppenhaver (4-1)

George Sotiropoulos (7-2) vs. Billy Miles (2-1)

Ben Saunders (4-0-2) vs. Dan Barrera (0-0)

Under card (May not be broadcast)

Troy "Rude Boy" Mandaloniz (2-1) vs. Richie Hightower (7-1)

Matt Arroyo (2-1) vs. John Kolosci (8-4)

Roman Mitichyan (3-1) vs. Dorian Price (7-2)

Paul Georgieff (5-1) vs. Jonathan Goulet (19-9)

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MMAWeekly.com is live in Las Vegas bringing you all the action, as it happens, from tonight's Ultimate Fighter 6 Finale, which features a lightweight contenders battle between Roger Huerta and Clay Guida.

Please refresh your browser window frequently for all of the latest action as it comes in from the Prudential Center.

The first preliminary fight is expected to begin at about 3:45 p.m. PT / 6:45 p.m. ET.



Paul Georgieff vs. Jonathan Goulet

Rd 1: Georgieff attempted multiple kicks which resulted in Goulet taking the fight to the ground. Georgieff got back to his feet and landed a big shot that put Goulet down, but the Canadian managed to get his composure and take the fight back to the ground where he passed Georgieff's guard, moved to mount and eventually took his back and locked in a rear naked choke for the win.

Jonathan Goulet def. Paul Georgieff by Submission (rear naked choke) at 4:42, Rd 1

Roman Mitichyan vs. Dorian Price

Rd 1: Roman took Price down early with a single leg, stood up in Dorian's guard and locked on an ankle lock. Price tapped out.

Roman Mitichyan def. Dorian Price by Submission (ankle lock) at :23 seconds, Rd 1

Matt Arroyo vs. John Kolosci

Rd 1: Arroyo went for a guillotine early on but couldn't lock it in. Arroyo then got an armbar to which Kolosci also escaped. After another guillotine attempt that Kolosci got out of, Arroyo then locked on another armbar and Kolosci tapped out.

Matt Arroyo def. John Kolosci by Submission (armbar) 4:42, Rd 1

Troy Mandaloniz vs. Richie Hightower

Rd 1: Slugfest from the opening, with Hightower getting the advantage early on. Eventually, Hightower started to gas as the round went on and Troy started to land shots. Towards the end of the round, Troy landed a big shot that put Hightower on the mat, followed up by some hammer fists that caused a stop to the fight.

Troy Mandaloniz def. Richie Hightower by TKO (referee's stoppage due to strikes) 4:20, Rd 1

Ben Saunders vs. Dan Barrera

Rd 1: Barrera worked throughout the early part of the round trying to get a takedown as Ben defends well. Barrera eventually takes it down but Ben works to take his back and almost lock in an armbar but Dan defends and ends the round landing ground and pound.

MMAWeekly scores Rd 1 10-9 for Ben Saunders

Rd 2: Barrera manages a couple of solid takedowns but is ineffective inside of Saunders' guard. Ben goes for an armbar and lands a nice head kick towards the end of the round. Close round overall

MMAWeekly scores Rd 2 10-9 for Ben Saunders

Rd 3: Saunders dominates the majority of the round, taking Barrera's back and working a body triangle while attempting to sink in a rear naked choke. Barrera defends well and manages to turn around into Saunders' guard but the round ends soon after.

Ben Saunders def. Dan Barrera by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27)

Billy Miles vs. George Sotiropoulos

Rd 1: Miles charges George to open the fight but then gives up his back in the exchange on the ground. Sotiropoulos works both hooks in and then locks a rear naked choke and Miles is forced to tap.

George Sotiropoulos def. Billy Miles by Submission (rear naked choke) 1:36, Rd 1

Jared Rollins vs. John Koppenhaver

Rd 1: J-Roc takes the fight to the ground early but Koppenhaver reverses and ends up in Rollins' guard. From the top, Koppenhaver works a ground and pound attack while Rollins unloads some nice elbows from underneath. Late in the round Rollins opens a cut on Koppenhaver that lets loose much blood to end the session.

MMAWeekly scores Rd 1 10-9 for John Koppenhaver.

Rd 2: The action stays at a feverish pace throughout the round with Rollins staying aggressive and getting a good takedown about halfway through the round. J-Roc begins to take over with dominant ground and pound as the round ends.

MMAWeekly scores Rd 2 10-9 for Jared Rollins

Rd 3: Koppenhaver gets a takedown to open the round, but they are stood back up and immediately Rollins lands a nice hook and a knee that puts War Machine down. As Rollins looks like he's about to finish, Koppenhaver reverses and unleashes a barrage of unanswered strikes as the fight is stopped.

John Koppenhaver def. Jared Rollins by TKO (referee's stoppage due to strikes) 2:01, Rd 3

WELTERWEIGHT FINAL: Mac Danzig vs. Tommy Speer

Rd 1: Danzig takes control early on taking Speer to the ground, working to mount and then taking his opponent's back. Quickly Danzig sinks in a rear naked choke forcing the tap out from Speer.

Mac Danzig def. Tommy Spear by Submission (rear naked choke) 2:01, Rd 1

Mac Danzig wins Season 6 of the Ultimate Fighter

MAIN EVENT: Roger Huerta vs. Clay Guida

Rd 1: Back and forth round, Guida getting a few takedowns, Huerta landing the more effective punches. Guida takes Huerta's back late in the round with Huerta then reversing and trying to take an armbar but Guida defends.

MMAWeekly scores Rd 1 10-9 for Clay Guida

Rd 2: Guida lands a few more takedowns and late in the round hits Huerta with a combination that floors him. Huerta answers back with shots of his own only be be answered by a huge punch from Guida that puts him back on the mat. Guida tries to finish but Huerta defends well and the round ends.

MMAWeekly scores Rd 2 10-9 for Clay Guida

Rd 3: Huerta rocks Guida early on with a big knee and doesn't let up the pressure. Guida tries for a takedown but Huerta takes his back and locks in a rear naked choke and Guida is forced to tap out.

Roger Huerta def. Clay Guida by Submission (rear naked choke) :51 seconds, Rd 3

Много добър финал се получи. Определено едно от шоутата на годината.

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