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Най-великият мач в историята на кеча book-нат за Hustle Mania 2007!


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Е, добре де, не е най-великият мач чак в цялата история на кеча, но определено е един от най-уникалните мачове от бая време насам. :) 25-ти Ноември 2007, Hustle Mania, Bob "The Beast" Sapp vs Razor Ramon Hard Gay!!! :w00t: Междувременно, аз отивам да си събирам сивото вещество от пода след като преди малко главата ми експлодира от mark out. Кой каза мега-спектакъл?!! :clap:


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Ей Фил, недей да пускаш подмамващи невинните деца като мен заглавия и фалшиви реклами! :lol:

Помислих си, че някой се е сетил да буукне Hogan vs. Stone Cold :lol:


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Hustle Mania 2007 (PPV)

November 25, 2007

Kanagawa - Yokohama Arena

12,500 Fans (No Vacancy)

1. "Super Cyborg" Ryoji Sai, KUSHIDA & \(^o^)/ Chie beat "Monster K'" Kohei Sato, Aka Onigumo & Ao Onigumo (8:58) when KUSHIDA pinned Ao Onigumo with the Choushinsei press.

2. The Great Sasuke & Hitomi Kaikawa beat Giant Vabo & Nitouhei Shimada (10:14) when Kaikawa submitted Shimada with the Kaikawa lock.

3. Weapon Match: Kintaman & Kurodaman beat "Fire Monster" Shinjiro Otani & The Monster C (10:44) when Kintaman pinned The Monster C after a "Hunt Punch".

4. Scott "Flash" Norton pinned Keroro Gunsou (5:42) with a Power Slam.

5. "The Beast" Bob Sapp pinned HG (6:43) after the Beast Bomb.

6. "Hustle General" Genichiro Tenryu, RG & TAJIRI beat Yinlin-sama, Monster Bono & Shireichoukan Anjo () when Tenryu pinned Monster Bono with a Schoolboy.

7. "Hustle Resistance" Wataru Sakata beat The Esperanza (12:34) after a Thrust Kick.

- After the card announcement, Kawada entered the ring, wearing an outfit resembling Elvis Presley... Of course, he sang.

- Japanese model Kaori Manabe served as the ring announcer for the second match. Shimada and Vabo parodied K-1 Hero's fighter Yoshihiro Akiyama by coming down to his theme while wearing judo gis. Shimada tried to force himself on Kaikawa, but countered, and submitted Shimada with a standing heel hold.

- Not 100% sure on the finish of the weapons match. My guess would be that Kintaman used Mark Hunt as a weapon to KO The Monster C, much like Giant Silva was used as a weapon years back. EDIT: Yes indeed, Kintaman called upon the services of former K1 World GP Champion Mark Hunt.

- HG vs. Sapp received good "novelty marks". HG used his usual offense. When he went for the Shouten Drop, Sapp caught him, and used a High Angle Powerbomb to put him down.

- Semi final saw Yinlin-sama fainting, distracting Monster Bono long enough for Tenryu to cradle him.

- Main event was what most would expect; filled with effects and wackiness. Esperanza "shot" a camera man with his Bitan Laser, causing him to fall from the crane. Eiko Koike appeared on stage when Sakata was in trouble, trying to draw the Esperanza's attention. When Esperanza shot, Koike used some sort of shield to reflect the attack, striking The Esperanza. Sakata followed up with a Thrust Kick, knocking The Esperanza out. Via video, President Takada stated that the Esperanza was not his only incarnation.

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