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Огромен кеч скандал в Индия!


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Далеч съм от идеята да тръгна превеждам, така че оправяйте се. :) Голяма лудница е било. Nikita ще има адския heel heat, ако се бие някога в India.

A wrestler presumed to be from Ontario was jailed after a one week tour of India by 16 wrestlers, mainly from Canada, disintegrated in controversy and a near riot as the organizers announced that it was cancelled during the initial press conference.

According to the Times of India, Tiger Jeet Singh’s Universal Wrestling Stars Inc., a Canadian wrestling company, was scheduled to do a ”India vs. Rest of the World - War of Legends” tour in Patiala, Ludhiana and Jalandhar. The shows were cancelled after organizers failed to obtain permission from the Indian security agencies and the sports department. In addition, they were asked to pay a 125% tax on the tickets sold.

During the press conference, the wrestlers expressed their anger at coming all the way to India only for the tour to be cancelled. The most angry was the ”Russian” Nikita who flipped a table in the general direction of the press, called them ”ugly Indian cheats” (which was described as a ”racial epithet” by the local press) and challenged any Indian to wrestle him, saying ”I am here to kill you.” He was subsequently arrested and his passport was seized.

In reality, the ”Russian” is almost certainly Ontario wrestler Alexander the Great aka Jason X, travelling with Ontario promoter, trainer and wrestler Ron Hutchison. Various Ontario wrestling insiders confirm that it was him, based on videos of the press conference and posters of the tour.

Needless to say, the Indian press accepts that Nikita is Russian and some have even speculated that the incident will affect relations with Russia. From a Tribune opinion article by Shastri Ramachandaran (hopefully with tongue firmly wedged in cheek), ”It is a relief that the organisers will be around to put up a fight another day, and leave the country to now proceed with a policy debate on what the fracas means for India-Russian relations. Was this simply a tactical blunder or is it a strategic failure with long-term consequences for India, Russia and all those smaller countries in between? Is it in anticipation of this clash that top Russian politicos gave a wide berth to Foreign Minister Pranab Mukherjee and Defence Minister A K Antony when they were in Moscow recently?”

Also on the tour were high profile wrestling stars Sonjay Dutt, Jerry Lynn and Steve Corino.

Подробен разказ от Steve Corino, който разяснява ситуацията много добре:

India And The Craziest Tour Of All Time

Now as I type this it is almost 4am Indian time (6:28pm EST) on Sunday October 28 and I am in Ludhiana, India. I am sick as a dog with the worst case of stomach cramps and diarrhea that I have ever had and it’s lasted almost three days. But that doesn’t even come close to describing this tour.

I was booked by WWWSS of Canada to tour India for the UWS group and do three events in Jalandhar, Ludhiana, and Patiala. All three of these events were expected to have at least 25,000 people at them and maybe upwards of 50,000 in Ludhiana. Both Tiger Jeet Singh and Tiger Ali Singh are huge stars in India and they hadn’t wrestled here since 1994 so the buzz was huge.

When we arrived at the Amristar airport the crew was welcomed with over 1000 fans, a band, and about 40 press people. I know you guys are all yelling ”Bullshit” as you read it but go to my My Space (www.MySpace.com/SteveCorino) and check out the photos I put up today. And the funniest thing was it was 5am when we arrived! Me, Sonjay Dutt, Jerry Lynn, Misty Haven, and Nikita (George King aka Jason The Legend) were in total shock at what we were seeing.

It was about a three hour ride from the airport to the hotel. Along the way I saw a lot of poverty, which made me sad. Once we arrived to the hotel we had time for a meeting and it was going to be a rest day. The next morning in the morning paper there is a article that the shows are in trouble because the tax agency pulled their entertainment tax exemption from the shows even though it was reported that over 60,000 tickets have been pre-sold for the shows. Not good.

Finally we get called into a meeting before our press conference and we are told that the shows would be postponed because of the problems. The office had informed us that we would all still get our agreed fees and everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

We then went down for the press conference and that is where all hell broke loose. There were literally 250 press people from all over India covering this. I grabbed the microphone and told the press that the foreigners were frustrated and I made a challenge to Tiger Jeet Singh for the next tour. Everything seemed fine and George, doing a Russian gimmick called Nikita, was stressing on how pissed off he was and he saw someone laugh. He got mad, stood up, took his shirt off, and yelled at the reporter. Then he threw the table over and that is where the stampede started. All of these press people were running for the doors. It was crazy. Tiger Sr. gets them back in the room and challenges Nikita. And then Tiger Jr. does to where I stand up and it looks like there is going to be a pull apart. Nope, all hell broke loose again when stampede number two started and Nikita chased the press all the way outside.

All the heels went upstairs and figured that even if we went a little overboard it was still great heat and something they had never seen before. Well I was right about it being something they never seen before but then the media went to the police and filed charges against him! Yes, real criminal charges.

The next thing I know Sonjay calls me and tells me to turn on the TV. It was all over the place. Within an hour it was on every Indian TV channel.

A few hours later security leads me and Nikita through a back elevator, which scared the hell out of me because at that moment I thought someone, was going to kill us. I had been told by the staff that we shouldn’t go outside because we could get robbed or kidnapped. WTF?

We were sent to a special room where me and Nikita sat for about two hours. Why they wanted me there I have no idea. It might be because I was the agent for Nikita so I was responsible for him. After waiting so long the chief of police comes and says that everything is OK and we can go back to the rooms. At this point I think it is the end of story. Nope.

The next morning we are on the front page of 15 newspapers!

So the next day I get a call and informed that Nikita is going to be arrested and charged with VERBAL ASSAULT. Yep, verbal assault. Can you believe this shit? Either could I. So I spent all of Friday in a room actually negotiating with Nikita, lawyers, and the cops how they were going to arrest him. Nikita wanted to call the Canadian embassy (he is a Canadian citizen obviously) but we were running out of time. He had about five minutes to either give himself up or armed guards were going to come in after him. And I saw these guys with their guns. The police tell Nikita that they will help him but he will have to give up his passport during the inquiry. Afterward we felt OK and thought everything would work itself out. Nope.

When I wake up yesterday I grab the morning paper and on page 2 ”Russian Wrestler Charged On 10 Counts”. WTF? I thought he was out of trouble but I guess not. I have a bad feeling it is going to get worse before better.

By the way, pooing 30 times a day: NOT COOL.

Now this morning the Indian office calls me and tells me to put on my suit and go with Nikita to a press conference, where he will read a statement apologizing to the press. Once again when we get there they have almost 200 reporters there. It felt like the press conference between Ivan Drago and Rocky Balboa from Rocky IV. But Nikita apologized and the press accepted so hopefully all the charges will be dropped now.

18 hours and I am out of here! But will return? I’m sure but I am also packing a gallon of Pepto!

Клип: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TScMzuoi5ZU

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