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JAPW 10th Year Anniversary - резултати


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Official JAPW 10th Year Anniversary Results from Saturday night October

27, 2007 at the Rec Center in Rahway, NJ.

At this time JAPW management would like to apologize to the fans that

were not able to sit & had to stand during the show due to the fact that

the facility only had seating for 1,000 & there was over 1,200 plus

fans in attendance last night but still stayed for the entire show!

We did also open the rear bleachers to try and accommodate everyone.

The official attendance came in at 1,244 and we would like to thank the

new street-team and everyone else that helped promote this event all

over the surrounding area.

The fans packed the main bleachers from wall to wall, that back

bleachers were full and there were a couple of hundred fans still standing

during this historic event.

Quick Show Results:

1. Bboy won the Best of the Light Heavyweight's 10 Elimination Match

and will have his very last match with JAPW on Saturday night December

8th for Seasons Beating's 2007 as he is retiring from the Squared Circle.

Manager Jonny D came out with Kevin Matthews who was upset over the

fact he was left of the show. Out came The Christopher Street Connection

who, well, um you know, attacked poor Kevin CSC style. This then brought

out fellow stable mates HAVOC & MAC who then simply beat the CSC to

near death!

2. "Dangerous" Devon Storm returned to defeat Danny Demanto. After the

match Demanto thanked JAPW Management for letting him have a chance to

show his skills in a wrestling match rather then sending out someone

that would just wipe the mat with his face as in the past with likes of

New Jack & The Sandman. LAX member & TNA Superstar Hernandez came out

and helped keep the tradation alive as he simply put it killed Demanto.

Homicide was at ringside during this and the crowd went crazy for


3. Former WWE Superstars CRYME TYME defeated the Reuniting D.R.S in tag

team action. The roar from the crowd was simply amazing as thousands

of fans were chanting Money, Money, Yeah, Yeah. CRYME TYME also raided

the female talents locker room and sold some of their personal

belongings to the fans in attendance. Look for this to air on japw.net very


4. The Leader of BLK OUT Eddie Kingston defeated Drake Younger.

5. In a clash of TNA Superstars, Frankie Kazarian defeated AJ Styles.

It's simply amazing how Frankie is so over with the JAPW faithful.

6. The TNA X Division Champion Jay Lethal & The Suicidal Demon Azrieal

defeated Rukus & Sabin of BLK OUT.

7. Sara Del Rey beat Nicky Roxx and was then rewarded with a GORE

THROUGH A DOOR from TNA Superstar Rhino after the match. Rhino & Manager

Jonny D grabed the Mic and stated that no other matches would take place

until The Necro Butcher comes out because they don't want to wait

anymore! The Necro Butcher comes out to chants of NECRO NECRO NECRO as he and

Rhino brawl all over the building. Rhino wins the match and Necro then

gets into an alteration with the special guest ref and former

Suicidal Champion Lowlife Louis Ramos.

8. Archadia beat Reefer in a ladder match to win the JAPW NJ State


8. In a huge surprise TNA Superstar Homicide forced Senshi (Low Ki) to

tap with an S.T.F After the match BLK OUT the attacked Homicide. The

187 then asked Fat Frank for a match with them next month, Frank then

said, why wait lets do it now as the crowd erupted! Frank then added a few

stipulations to the match. If 187 was pinned by ANYONE, We would lose

the title. If Hernandez was to be pinned they would lose the tag team

titles. If any member of BLK OUT was pinned they would have to leave

JAPW after just finally arriving there.

During this Brawl the Light's Went Out! When they came back on

Homicide's arch enemy for life Teddy Hart was standing in the ring and received

a crowd reaction that just can't be explained, peoples ears were

ringing as the fans tipped the rector scale that moment.

Teddy then laid the 187 out and hit him with some flipping crazy 350

plus 280 plus 350 elbow slash moonsault etc. BLK OUT MEMBERS then placed

Senshi (Low Ki) on top of the 187 for the pin, Senshi had regained the

JAPW World Heavyweight Title! Senshi was still hurt an inactive due to

his grueling match with Homicide.

What the hell is going on, JAPW management then called an emergency

meeting right then and there in the locker room. Was Hanson in the right

by allowing Ki to pin Homicide? Since Fat Frank did say ANYONE THAT

PINNED THE 187 WOULD BE WORLD CHAMPION, the decision would now stand, TNA

Superstar Senshi is the new World Heavyweight Champion once again only

minutes after losing the title!

Unanswered Questions:

Is SENSHI (Low Ki) now a part of BLK OUT?

Why is Teddy Hart back in JAPW and has he joined BLK OUT?

Should SENSHI (Low Ki) surrender the Championship back to the 187?


TNA Superstar Jay Lethal inducted Former JAPW Superstar & Wrestling

Academy trainer Magic.

Monsta Mac inducted Don Montoya.

Jonny D inducted Charlie Haas

Fat Frank, Ray Sager & Dixie inducted Russ Haas.

JAPW returns to Rahway on Dec 8, for Seasons Beatings.

Верно, вече не следя JAPW толкова редовно както преди години, но това шоу звучи доста доволно и задължително ще си го сваля, ако попадна на него.

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