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Брок Леснар за дебюта си в UFC


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Ето какво казва Брок по темата :) (Мързел ме е да превеждам, а и мисля, че не е нужно :thumbsup: )

-- Brock Lesnar took part in UFC's big media conference call yesterday afternoon and had a few things to say. He also referred to professional wrestling.

Brock Lesnar's UFC Debut

- Brock Lesnar's UFC debut will take place on February 2nd, "Superbowl Saturday". When asked who he wanted to fight first, Lesnar said he will leave that up to Dana White.

At this point many believe he just wants to get the first fight over with and if the easier the opponent the better.

Pro wrestling is fake

- Lesnar said, "Pro wrestling is fake .. this is the real deal." He is glad he is out of the pro wrestling profession because "he's still alive".

Lesnar considered MMA since 2000

- The only reason why Lesnar got involved with WWE was because of the six figure deal right out of college but had thoughts in one day making an MMA debut.

Excited in UFC

- Lesnar is excited to be apart of the world's largest MMA organization. It is a great opportunity for him and he will rise to the occasion.

Brock to make a name for himself in MMA

- Brock is very excited to make a name for himself in the mixed martial arts community. He takes this very seriously, training on a daily basis and plans to come in at 150%

UFC fighters watch out

- UFC fighters should take him seriously because he is awesome on the ground. The guys who train with him say he is very good.

As usual, Brock Lesnar came off very confident, cocky in a way. On February 2nd, we will find out if his transition from "fake wrestling" to MMA is a good one as he is set to fight in his second career MMA bout.

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Трудно е да се вземе насериозно в UFC-все пак човекът си е бил предимно кечист досега :) .Ще го видим какво ще направи и ще говорим!


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To по думи надали някой ще го вземе насериозно дори и да не е бил кечист преди. Имам предвид с победи и надмощие в дивизията си.. ако започне с загуба/и и по-добре да се спира до там.

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